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Instead of New Years Resolutions, let’s do this.

If you’ve been here a while you already know that I’m not super into New Years resolutions. We “set” them because everyone else does and then we don’t stick to them and then we end up significantly more discouraged than we needed to. Last year I talked about something I was doing instead of a resolutions list, it was a stop doing list and you can check that post out here. I was overall pretty successful. No one’s perfect and I’m definitely not the exception but I can say that I’m pretty proud of what I was able to accomplish this past year.

This new year, I’m in the same mindset, we’re still not making resolutions over here (again, not against them per say, I’m just not into it) but I wanted to give you some ideas of alternatives that you can use instead of creating a New Years resolutions list.

Create a Vision Board

As a visually motivated person and someone who loves to create things with my hands, vision boards are may jam. I’m yet to make one for this year just yet simply because of timing and schedules but its something I’m definitely looking forward to doing. This year I actually want to have a little vision board making party virtually with some friends if we can make that happen. Vision boards are great because they allow you to get creative with your depiction of your goals. I enjoy the process of cutting out words and images that inspire me from magazines or getting images from the internet, glueing them on paper or cardboard and making them look pretty with either paint or other things like ribbon or gems. Having a pretty reminder of what i’m aiming for in the year ahead encourages me to keep looking at it and keep my dreams and goals in the forefront of my mind. Plus, they’re pretty to put in a frame and save to look back on!

vision board collage design 2020 from the blog 5 habits for mental wellness
Vision Board I created for 2020

Create a Gratitude List

This is something I haven’t really done intentionally for the start of a new year, but more so sporadically in my journals over the years. I love the idea of creating a list of things that you are thankful for at the start of a brand new year. It almost symbolizes to me the things that you’re thankful to be bringing into the next year and entering into the new year with a grateful heart is the best possible mindset you could have for a brand new year.

Choose a word/theme

I do this. Last years theme was “Live Life Authentically”. The motivation behind that was that I wanted to get more comfortable being my authentic self in front of all of you, in front of the people in my day to day and in front of the people I’m close too. I’ve always been one to hide myself and I wanted to challenge myself to stop doing that. I’m happy to say I did. I talked about things I wouldn’t normally talk about, I showed myself in spaces where I would normally hide, I challenged myself to destroy the fluff narrative and talked about things that were real to me. It was not easy, but it happened. This year I’m not quite sure, but I think my word is going to be continue. That or run, but I’m going to let myself sit with it for a little longer. Having a word/theme for my year helps me to remember the direction I’m trying to move in. It helps me to look at where I am and evaluate the situation I’m in and the thing I’m doing and check to see if im on track to where I want to be. It basically holds me accountable, and we all about the accountability over here.

Create a 2021 Bucket List

These can be fun, but a note: make small goals that are attainable within the year and leave room for a shift in plan. I love bucket lists. They can motivate you out of your comfort zone and catapult you into a world of adventure that you (if you’re anything like me) may naturally avoid. I haven’t done this for 2021 yet, and I’m not quite sure that I will, but I actually like to do them for ages. For example I made a before 30 bucket list when I was 25 and I recently turned 29 and have one thing left on my list; learn to surf. Looks like I’m learning to surf this year lol. The lists help you to plan, and look forward to tomorrow, which can actually help you navigate your way out of some future funks.

If resolutions aren’t for you, or maybe you’re just looking for something new this year try out one of these options. They’re fun, different and can help keep you motivated or engaged on a different level throughout the year.

We’re excited about this new year of course, but while we settle in and get comfortable, remember to make space for you. Take time to breathe, and set some goals that will in effect help you to feel engaged with your world. It’s not about measuring your success or comparing your progress to others, but simply about keeping yourself aware about what you want for yourself out of this year. Let’s take it slow.

Welcome to 2021. Chat soon!

Xx Nicole Eva

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  1. Tabithaaa says

    Great ideas but what caught my attention the most was the word for the year. I like it and I’m stealing it😂. Thankssss

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    • Yesss! For whatever reason resolutions haven’t really been my jam for the last three or so years. Those options work better for me and honestly, make me feel more excited about the new to come.


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