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Late 20’s Style Look Book

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It’s December. It’s cold outside and we’re quarantined so there’s kind of a lot of sitting around happening lately. I mean stuffs getting done, but I don’t exactly look cute while doing it.

I was scrolling though my Pinterest fashion boards the other day and looked at my pinned clothing choices, then looked back at my current clothing choices. To be honest it made me laugh, ONLY because the difference was drastic. I can’t be the only woman with an ideal look, that looks…nothing like what they currently wear right? I mean, I’m not judging myself (although it may sound like it), currently i’m rocking a grey crewneck sweatshirt, thick grey mens sweat pants and sock slippers and ya girl is warm and happy.

BUT, if money was not something I needed to be thinking about, and I actually had places to go, here are some of the things I would love to wear. We’ll call this my ideal late 20s look book.

Around the house

My around the house look would consist of comfy fabrics that make me feel as though I’m wrapped in a blanket, but that also make me look and feel good. I love these neutral tones too. Also wide legged lounge wear for the win. They’re like sweats, but fancier.

Find these looks on Pinterest:

Out and About

These looks are about as me as it gets for every occasion. A little dressy, or a little dressed down. Even the head wrap, all things I’d definitely wear if they currently existed in my wardrobe.

Find these looks on Pinterest:

Special Occasions

I don’t really do fancy much at the moment, but when I do, I adore pairing anything I’m wearing with a blazer; crew neck sweatshirts to turtle necks. I think blazers would be my wardrobe staple simply because they’re cute, super versatile and can be fancy wear or dressed down. I have two currently and I don’t wear them nearly enough.

Find these looks on Pinterest:

Do you have a favorite fashion piece that you think just suits you? As I said earlier mine definitely would be blazers. Are you finding it hard to find motivation to wear anything besides your in house comfies do to lack of places to go? I am for sure. One thing I don’t miss is the “pressure” to purchase clothes though, because of that I am saving significantly more money. I’ll take that win!

Alrighty friends, I’ll chat with you soon. Thanks for stopping by!

xx Nicole

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  1. I LOVE that sweater and skirt combo and when I was out and about in the real world, Blazers were my jam! Love the colors too. What is the fashion in 2020? I seriously haven’t worn real clothes or “cute” clothes in so long. I’m not mad about it either actually… I just hope my work pants still fit!

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