Perfectionism, Grace and Enjoying the Process

I struggle with perfectionism in my marriage

Well, actually that’s a partial truth. I do struggle with perfectionism in my marriage, but not just there. I struggle with perfectionism everywhere, I always have. I thought, however, that I had overcome it. That I had finally reached contentment with being imperfect and had fully embraced my flaws in all of their glory. I thought that until…well until I got married.

How did I figure that one out? Lately, I’ve found myself frustrated. It took me a little while to figure out the source of my frustration but once I figured it out it made sense.

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How to Feel Beautiful

You’re beautiful my friend. Why? Because you’re you. It’s really that simple. We don’t always feel that way though, do we? Answer: No, no we do not. We all have days where we don’t feel our best, days where we feel out of sorts and out of place. It’s usually on those days that I’ll…

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Why I Stopped Trying to “Get in Shape”

Growing up I never thought about weight. I was never focused on that. I was a skinny kid who honestly and truly couldn’t care less about what I looked like. This carried into high school, where I was a track athlete, a competitive swimmer and an all around active human with a high metabolism. I…

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March Check Up|How Are we Doing?

Hey friends! There is a lot of crazy going on right now, and honestly, there’s been a lot of crazy going on since this year began. In this post I really just want to chat with you guys and talk about some of the current stuff and evaluate where we’re at mentally right now. Consider…

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