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Video Journaling : Brilliant or Cringe

There’s a “new” trend being talked about within the wellness spaces as of late. I say new with the quotes because although it’s not a new concept, it’s becoming popularized within a new niche.

Video journaling, the act of setting up a camera, usually one on your phone and talking to yourself about yourself has been gaining a bit of traction as a great way to connect with yourself, potentially more so than paper journaling. In a video journal you may discuss your day, your feelings about something that happened or someone you encountered. You may talk about an issue you are having or something that makes you excited, there are no rules and no limits, you are simply documenting yourself for yourself.

I am of the general understanding that the intention behind video journaling is to be able to not only express yourself, but to be able to go back at a point in time and reevaluate your video. Maybe check and see if things have changed, if you still share the same views, track your growth and mindset and overall just to keep a personal record of who you are and how you are developing. Exactly what you would do in a paper journal, but just this time, visually (which actually seems like a bit less effort. Which could be nice).

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Personally, I can see how this could be incredibly useful; especially with checking back on yourself to keep track of your behaviors and mindsets. It could help in identifying patterns, for example, noting a pattern of a depressed, irritable outlook right before your menstrual cycle each month, or checking into see what things seem to set you off and when.

As much as I do love the concept I do have one hesitation, and that would be the invasion of privacy if someone were to gain access to your videos. I feel like someone finding a visual documentation of me crying or talking or whatever I would do on these video journals would be more humilating than someone stumbling upon a journal of mine. But, even with that being a valid concern, I don’t know if it’s enough to keep me from giving video journaling a try.

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A lot of people who talk about wanting to journal are sometimes intimidated by the writing and crafting aspect of it, video journaling could be a nice alternative with the same effect. Would you try it or would you be to weirded out to talk to yourself on camera? What do you think? Brilliant, or cringe?

xx Nicole Eva

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  1. I think all forms of journalling is great. And when it comes to invasion of privacy, I feel that digital assets are much easier to protect compared to analogue formats. Still, I’m lucky enough that I don’t need to worry about having my stuff rummaged through. Anyway, this was an interesting subject. Thanks for sharing!


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