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Keeping Self-Care Simple

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A big thing I find myself needing to remind myself of lately has been how truly simple it really can be to practice self-care.

I think today we make it complicated. There are so many different routines and products that end up being a part of these routines promoted to us by different influencers and businesses that we start to believe that it’s not really self-care if it doesn’t involve the latest face mask, body oil or facial tool.

We’ve created, and fallen into a kind of “consumerism” version of self-care. A brand of self-care where we require more and more things to do to create an image of being cared for instead of actually caring for ourselves. I’m here to tell you gently that it doesn’t have to be this way. Now, there’s nothing wrong with making purchases and building an arsenal of things to help you with your self-care journey, but these things aren’t necessary for self-care, that’s the point I’m making today.

What Simple Self-Care is not

Simple self care is not necessarily superior to other kinds of self-care. It’s not that deep breathing is a more significant type of self care than going to a spa for a day is.

It’s not lazy self-care, or self-care for those who don’t actually have time to take care of themselves.

What Simple Self-Care is

Simple self-care is accessible self-care. It’s easy to practice by those who may not be able to or have the desire to spend money to create a self-care regimen. It’s accessible and inclusive to those who may be in situations where taking care of ones self is particularly difficult. Simple self-care is also foundational. It’s a skill that lasts through time, situations, financial status, etc.

Okay let’s get into it.

Here are some things that I would categorize as simple self-care.

Practicing deep breathing

Quiet time before bed

Developing a nightly wind-down routine


Developing a grounding technique to combat stress, anxiety + depression

Washing your face

Fitting in body movement where you are able

Go outside

Take vitamins

Stay hydrated

Incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet

Practice positive self talk

Develop a monthly budget

Write down goals

Read a book

Talk to a friend

Develop a gratitude practice

Take a nap

Delete something from your schedule

Say no

Hold yourself accountable

Ask for help

image of journal of coffee table for Nicole Evas blog post about simple self care

The items listed above are all things that are simple to do, but can take time to work into a habit. This is why I believe in simple self-care; it takes time to work something into a habit, and the less complicated that thing is, the more likely you are to connect with it and maintain consistency. I believe that keeping it simple keeps it consistent, and keeping it consistent keeps it working.

Before we wrap, I want to note that the purpose of this post was to highlight simple self-care, not easy. Self-care isn’t easy, saying no when you’re a yes person isn’t easy. Finding the time and energy after a long work day when you’ve got a long list of to-do’s to go for a walk is not easy. Taking a nap when you have kids is near impossible. Developing a budget sucks (for me at least). But that’s real self-care. Doing something today to help yourself tomorrow, and doing something now to help you refuel and reset yourself. Value yourself! You’re worth it!

Thanks for reading! Talk soon!

xx Nicole

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  1. Ashante says

    Very valid points you made. Taking care of yourself isn’t supposed to be an expensive task (even though the media constantly pushes trending “self-care” products on people). On top of that, a lot of social media influencers are paid to promote certain products. While there are some who truly do use products and share videos of them using it for a certain time frame, many others don’t. Can’t always believe everything you see on social media (even if it’s someone you like).

    It’s like you said in one of your previous posts, self-care is all about the inside and out. While there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself every now and again, it doesn’t help if you’re battling things internally. Making sure your mind’s straight is important.


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