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So Long, October.

October’s end is quickly approaching and just like that it’s about to be the second to last month of 2020. Wow. I’m not usually taken by surprise when the end of the year approaches because, well, you expect it. There’s just been so much packed into the past 9 months that I feel like the last thing I’ve had the emotional capacity to think about was the end of the year. But, as we know, it comes whether you’re watching for it or not. October for me was a good month. This month makes 3 months married and I can finally say that I feel married. There are still some parts that feel brand new but for most of it I feel like we have adjusted pretty well to living together and sharing the same space. I think one of the most difficult adjustments so far has been simply figuring out how our normal individual schedules fit together. Between work, rest, sleep schedules, gym routines, creative work and recreation our schedules and ways of doing …

keeping your mental wellness in check during stressful times

Keeping Your Mental Wellness in Check during Stressful Times

It’s been an interesting few weeks hasn’t it? The word normal is kinda obsolete at the moment as our reality seems to shift day by day. It can be for some quite unnerving. I know for me I have moments where I am totally fine and handling life like a champ, and then I have moments where I’d like to come out of bed only when life is back to what I’ve always known it to be. During times like these, its really important to check in with yourself and keep your mental wellness in check. My latest youtube video discusses how I’ve been coping and what I’ve started doing in order to keep on top of my mental wellness. It took me a little while to actually post it since I get a little transparent in this video, but AUTHENTICITY REMEMBER? (no idea what this means? here’s the blog post for clarification). Interested? Check it out! Thanks for watching guys! I keep forgetting to share my videos with you,. but I post quite a …

spending time alone is healthy Nicole Eva

Spending Time Alone

Did you know that solo time is healthy? (all the introverts in the house said HECK YEAH). Really though, it is. Our world is loud, busy, overstimulated and full of interaction. Every once in a while it is healthy to take time away from the noise and spend sometime with yourself. There are benefits to spending time alone Solo time can actually increase your creativity It can increase your ability to feel empathy It can help us to regulate our emotions when going through a rough time It can help you identify truths within yourself (how you may really feel about a situation or circumstance) It can help you to get to know yourself better Spending time alone can even increase your mental strength So. What does one do when spending time alone? Do you have to stay home, close the blinds and sit in the dark? No. There’s a lot that you can do alone…like a lot. You’d have to increase your comfortably of hanging out alone over time (or, you could just dive …

Why Im Choosing MORE Social Media for 2020

A lot of people have made it a “resolution” this year to spend significantly less time on social media. This year I plan on spending MORE time on social media…here’s why. A few blog posts ago I mentioned how I didn’t set up any New Years resolutions because I’m kind of over the stress and over hype-ness of the new year new me stuff (missed it? check that post out here). I also stated how I already have goals and things that I’m working on right now and that those goals are well on their way (additional reasoning why I don’t need a plethora of new goals this year). One of those goals is this right here: My blog. I’ve been writing consistently on this page for about a year and a half. I’ve made my writing public for about 6 months and I’ve been writing in general (in journals, on the internet, on other medias) for 22 years. This year is the year for this space to take off. I’m ready for it. In …

The Creative Struggle for Authenticity

I’ve got a struggle on my hands I’ve been at an epic creative standstill with myself. I want to create. I know what I want to create. But I don’t create it. I won’t rather. There are outside factors to this standstill, but none more prominent than the quiet understanding that if I do what I want, what I feel is within me, then I will loose something. Whether that something is important to me or not, I’m not really sure. That uncertainty alone probably leans me more towards it not being that important….but I guess I can figure that out later. I crave authenticity. I so desperately want nothing more than to live a life of transparency and vulnerability. I want people to be able to have conversation with me where I am open about things I’ve over come or things that I am currently in the process of overcoming and I want to bond with others over our mutual triumphs and glory. But in order to do that, I need to be authentic. …

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey Friends! Happy Thanksgiving to you all! I’m thankful for those of you who follow along with my adventures! Speaking of adventures, check out my latest in the kitchen. For those of you who are seasoned chefs, don’t laugh at me. I’m more of a cook than a baker, so accomplishing this without burning them is something I am extreeeeemly proud of! Check it out below! ___________________ Also, there’s a new tab on my menu “Vlog” click on that to check out some more of my adventures in video form! Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your holiday!

3..2..1.. It’s Here

Hi Friends! I just wanted to pop in and say that I’ve finally launched my YouTube channel!! I’ll still be here and blogging (because writing is my favorite thing) but once a month (eventually more) I want to have a space where I talk, in person about a topic. It may be something we’ve talked about here on the blog, or something I’ve seen or something going on in my life that I want to share. Either way, I’d love for you guys to check it out! Are any of you on YouTube? Drop your channels below and I’ll check you out! Have any of you had an interest in getting on YouTube? What’s stopping you? Let’s chat below!   Thanks for stopping by!

Something Different

Hey friends! First of all I want to say thank you for the response to my recent post 4 months in. I deliberately stay away from sharing too many details of my actual life online simply because that can open one up to a lot of things, many of those things being negative things. You all have been so kind and lovely and supportive and it warmed my heart, so thanks again for being the greatest little crew. You guys rock! Now, for the news. I’ve been working pretty hard on something and I wanted to share it with you guys. I’ve been exploring the realm of vlogging editing and all of that jazz and wanted to share it with you all. This isn’t the whole thing, just a little teaser to whats on its way but feel free to check it out below:   The final video should be uploaded tonight or tomorrow, so keep an eye out! It’ll be posted on My Channel. Thanks AGAIN for being so amazing!