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Video Journaling : Brilliant or Cringe

There’s a “new” trend being talked about within the wellness spaces as of late. I say new with the quotes because although it’s not a new concept, it’s becoming popularized within a new niche. Video journaling, the act of setting up a camera, usually one on your phone and talking to yourself about yourself has been gaining a bit of traction as a great way to connect with yourself, potentially more so than paper journaling. In a video journal you may discuss your day, your feelings about something that happened or someone you encountered. You may talk about an issue you are having or something that makes you excited, there are no rules and no limits, you are simply documenting yourself for yourself. I am of the general understanding that the intention behind video journaling is to be able to not only express yourself, but to be able to go back at a point in time and reevaluate your video. Maybe check and see if things have changed, if you still share the same views, …

Something Different

Hey friends! First of all I want to say thank you for the response to my recent post 4 months in. I deliberately stay away from sharing too many details of my actual life online simply because that can open one up to a lot of things, many of those things being negative things. You all have been so kind and lovely and supportive and it warmed my heart, so thanks again for being the greatest little crew. You guys rock! Now, for the news. I’ve been working pretty hard on something and I wanted to share it with you guys. I’ve been exploring the realm of vlogging editing and all of that jazz and wanted to share it with you all. This isn’t the whole thing, just a little teaser to whats on its way but feel free to check it out below:   The final video should be uploaded tonight or tomorrow, so keep an eye out! It’ll be posted on My Channel. Thanks AGAIN for being so amazing!