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A Note:

“This is a note. To guys and girls who may be perfectly content all year round but one day a year leads you to question your worth or simple ability to be loved based on who is or isn’t paying attention to you today. “

Feel Good February

Hey friends, welcome to February! We’re a full month through with 2020 already, crazy huh? This month I’m going to be doing a series focused on YOU. I’ll be sharing self care tips, things to encourage mental health & wellness and more. I’m excited for it and I hope you’ll come along! I wanted to do something different than the usual things that come with the month of February. I figure there will be enough “date ideas” or “valentines day crafts” or even “best dating apps” this month and personally I hated seeing all of that when I was single and I STILL hate seeing all of that now. Annnnd no, there’s nothing wrong with Valentine’s Day…I’m by no means anti it, I just don’t feel like posting about it : ) I’d instead much rather go deeper into what I’m most passionate about and the purpose of this blog as a whole which is to encourage women to see themselves as the strong individuals they are and to help us all to be the …