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Things to do to stay busy during quarantine

36 Things to do to Keep Your Sanity in Quarantine

People are so creative aren’t they? I think that’s one of the things I’ve been realizing over the past few weeks, that people are actually so creative when given the time and motivation to be. After quite a bit of virtual people watching I compiled a list of things people (and myself) are doing to keep the endorphins up during this period of stress and just…abnormal-ness. Some of these items aren’t nesesarily endorphin boosters, but they’ll definitly keep you busy! 36 Things to do while you’re bored at home Make a vision board Jam out to music (check out my Feel Good Playlist post here) Coreograph dances Create a new dish Start a garden Decorate your driveway with chalk Start a blog Start a YouTube channel (check out mine here) Build a workout routine Start biking Start jogging Rearrange your room Rearrange your home Spring clean Read a Book Write an E Book Declutter your home Declutter your car Paint your nails Purge your makeup collection of old expired makeup Clean your make up brushes …