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A Note:

“This is a note. To guys and girls who may be perfectly content all year round but one day a year leads you to question your worth or simple ability to be loved based on who is or isn’t paying attention to you today. “

Budget Friendly Date Ideas

We’ve all (or most of us) during our singleness have fantasized over the idea of being in a relationship. We’ve thought about date nights and made mental notes of places that would be super romantic to go with your significant other. Or, maybe that’s just me. I would always take small notes in my mind of places that could be fun to adventure with  someone I was dating; things that would be cool to try or places that would be cool to travel to. In my mind tho, the one thing I never considered was price. And why would I? Calculating the price of a romantic adventure completely takes the romance out of the adventure….right? In the moment, sure. But in reality considering your significant others finances (and your own) could be the most romantic thing you could do. In my perspective of dating, I’m aspiring to be with my person forever. That means that I’m not simply here to do extravagant fun things right now to document on Instagram (although those things are definitely …