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Image of a raven zz plant against a white wall for the blog post by Nicole Eva keeping self care simple

Keeping Self-Care Simple

A big thing I find myself needing to remind myself of lately has been how truly simple it really can be to practice self-care. I think today we make it complicated. There are so many different routines and products that end up being a part of these routines promoted to us by different influencers and businesses that we start to believe that it’s not really self-care if it doesn’t involve the latest face mask, body oil or facial tool. We’ve created, and fallen into a kind of “consumerism” version of self-care. A brand of self-care where we require more and more things to do to create an image of being cared for instead of actually caring for ourselves. I’m here to tell you gently that it doesn’t have to be this way. Now, there’s nothing wrong with making purchases and building an arsenal of things to help you with your self-care journey, but these things aren’t necessary for self-care, that’s the point I’m making today. What Simple Self-Care is not Simple self care is not …