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5 places to visit in providence Rhode Island

5 Local Businesses to Check Out In Providence, RI (Post COVID-19)

Today I’m making a list. An after COVID-19 explore list. In this list will be the places I am looking forward to visiting again or for the first time. Why? Because future aspriations and goals actually help us to feel hopeful and excited. It gives us something to look forward to, to dream about. All of those things can in some cases even help us to combat feelings of despair & depression, which is prevalent during times like these. So, let’s do this, let’s dream about tomorrow and look towards these better days ahead!

The Creative Struggle for Authenticity

I’ve got a struggle on my hands I’ve been at an epic creative standstill with myself. I want to create. I know what I want to create. But I don’t create it. I won’t rather. There are outside factors to this standstill, but none more prominent than the quiet understanding that if I do what I want, what I feel is within me, then I will loose something. Whether that something is important to me or not, I’m not really sure. That uncertainty alone probably leans me more towards it not being that important….but I guess I can figure that out later. I crave authenticity. I so desperately want nothing more than to live a life of transparency and vulnerability. I want people to be able to have conversation with me where I am open about things I’ve over come or things that I am currently in the process of overcoming and I want to bond with others over our mutual triumphs and glory. But in order to do that, I need to be authentic. …