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Sunday Reset Plan

Sundays for me are restful days of relaxation and reset. But how does one do relaxation and reset in the same space they’ve been “relaxing and resetting” in all week?

Reset Day : Morning Routine

Every once in a while it’s good to take a break from your regular rushing around routine and just take a minute to wake up slow and really enjoy this life. I try to make sure I take time to do that at least twice a month. I don’t schedule it anymore (I used to when my life was absolutely ridiculous), now it just kind of happens. I can feel when my mind is a little too overstimulated, when my chest is a little too tight and when my shoulders are a bit too tense. It’s at those times that I know that a reset day is needed. I’m going to walk you through what that kind of day may look like for me, it’s different each time, but somethings remain consistent. I’ll go through the little things I do that make me feel human again and explain them along the way. Are you ready? The first thing I do on a day dedicated to just breathing and enjoying the day is turn off my …