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Perfectionism, Grace and Enjoying the Process

I struggle with perfectionism in my marriage

Well, actually that’s a partial truth. I do struggle with perfectionism in my marriage, but not just there. I struggle with perfectionism everywhere, I always have. I thought, however, that I had overcome it. That I had finally reached contentment with being imperfect and had fully embraced my flaws in all of their glory. I thought that until…well until I got married.

How did I figure that one out? Lately, I’ve found myself frustrated. It took me a little while to figure out the source of my frustration but once I figured it out it made sense.

5 tips for dealing with mean people by Nicole Eva

5 Tips for Handling Mean People

It’s a well known fact. People can be mean. Like really mean. I’m not talking about the woman who rolled her eyes at you in line at the store or the thumbs down on your YouTube video…I’m talking about the intentionally-trying-to-get-under-your-skin-and-make-you-feel-less-than kind of mean. When I was a kid, I remember thinking that when I got older people would be nice. You know, because maturity. I had never seen adults be mean to one another. Yes, I had seen adults fight and be angry at one another, but I had never seen the intentional hurting of another person in my adult surroundings as a child. In my mind anger was never connected to meanness…a concept I believe adults today still find hard to grasp. You can be angry with someone without lashing out and being vindictive. Go figure. I have learned in my adulthood that there are some people who simply aren’t nice and who as a result will not treat you nicely. These people in their intentional spitefulness can get into your head and …

Budget Friendly Date Ideas

We’ve all (or most of us) during our singleness have fantasized over the idea of being in a relationship. We’ve thought about date nights and made mental notes of places that would be super romantic to go with your significant other. Or, maybe that’s just me. I would always take small notes in my mind of places that could be fun to adventure with  someone I was dating; things that would be cool to try or places that would be cool to travel to. In my mind tho, the one thing I never considered was price. And why would I? Calculating the price of a romantic adventure completely takes the romance out of the adventure….right? In the moment, sure. But in reality considering your significant others finances (and your own) could be the most romantic thing you could do. In my perspective of dating, I’m aspiring to be with my person forever. That means that I’m not simply here to do extravagant fun things right now to document on Instagram (although those things are definitely …

Thoughts on Singleness

Alright ladies. I am about to dive into a topic that I have heard discussed (and been a part of discussions about) for the majority of my young adult and teen life. Let’s talk about being single. First and foremost I am going to say something profound. Something that you may find controversial but bear with me, are you ready? Open your notes app….okay here it is: Your singleness is not a curse. Did you read that? Did you understand it? Read it once more to make sure. Okay. A little dramatic? Yea, maybe, but I do feel that this is something that needs to be repeated again and again and again and yes….again. The amount of time that I spend convincing women of all ages that singleness is actually not a documented disease and that people can actually survive and maybe…wait for it…thrive in their singleness astounds me. It astounds me, but I also understand it. Because I understand it is why I want to write about it. I’ve wanted to write about this …