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5 tips for dealing with mean people by Nicole Eva

5 Tips for Handling Mean People

It’s a well known fact. People can be mean. Like really mean. I’m not talking about the woman who rolled her eyes at you in line at the store or the thumbs down on your YouTube video…I’m talking about the intentionally-trying-to-get-under-your-skin-and-make-you-feel-less-than kind of mean. When I was a kid, I remember thinking that when I got older people would be nice. You know, because maturity. I had never seen adults be mean to one another. Yes, I had seen adults fight and be angry at one another, but I had never seen the intentional hurting of another person in my adult surroundings as a child. In my mind anger was never connected to meanness…a concept I believe adults today still find hard to grasp. You can be angry with someone without lashing out and being vindictive. Go figure. I have learned in my adulthood that there are some people who simply aren’t nice and who as a result will not treat you nicely. These people in their intentional spitefulness can get into your head and …