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A Note:

“This is a note. To guys and girls who may be perfectly content all year round but one day a year leads you to question your worth or simple ability to be loved based on who is or isn’t paying attention to you today. “

Practically in Love : Intro

Love one another It wasn’t a suggestion. It wasn’t prefaced with “You should probably..” or followed up with “If you feel like it.” It was a command that was actually followed up with “as I have loved you.” Who is the speaker? Jesus. What did he want us to do? Love each other as he had loved us. It seems simple enough, until you think about what that actually means. I feel like our society has corrupted the idea of love. We think love is that thing we’re feeling when someone special makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside or that showing love is saying “I love you” at the close of a phone conversation. I have reason to believe that this is nowhere near the kind of love that Jesus was talking about. I think Jesus was talking about the messy kind of love. The kind of love we avoid because it takes too much time or makes us too uncomfortable. Why do I think that that’s the kind of love that Jesus was talking …