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5 places to visit in providence Rhode Island

5 Local Businesses to Check Out In Providence, RI (Post COVID-19)

Today I’m making a list. An after COVID-19 explore list. In this list will be the places I am looking forward to visiting again or for the first time. Why? Because future aspriations and goals actually help us to feel hopeful and excited. It gives us something to look forward to, to dream about. All of those things can in some cases even help us to combat feelings of despair & depression, which is prevalent during times like these. So, let’s do this, let’s dream about tomorrow and look towards these better days ahead!

My Work From Home Routine

Hey friends! At first I was going to say that I hope you’re hanging in there, but I instead want to say I hope you’re thriving. I hope this period of quiet and slow has given you enough time and space to finally rest and take care of yourself or accomplish some goals you’ve had on standby. This week I started working from home. My place of work is still open, but some of us were given the ability to work from home. As much as I am pleased to be able to be home and get my work done in the safety and comfort of my own home, being at home presents its challenges. Mainly, the challenges I bring upon myself. I need a routine in order to be productive. If I do not have a routine, I will not produce. I will sit in my bed and play The Sims or Legend of Zelda all day if I am not careful. I will also forget to eat appropriately. Therefore, I need to set …

A Note:

“This is a note. To guys and girls who may be perfectly content all year round but one day a year leads you to question your worth or simple ability to be loved based on who is or isn’t paying attention to you today. “

habits for mental wellness Nicole Eva

5 Healthy Habits for Mental Wellness

______________________________________________________________________________ *Note* This post may contain affiliate links. As an amazon affiliate member I earn from qualifying purchases. ______________________________________________________________________________ The habits we keep can improve our lives or be detrimental to our lives. Habits are defined as “routines of behavior that are repeated regularly and tend to occur subconsciously”. Naturally, because we are human, we have a tendency to easily pick up negative habits and hold onto them for dear life. These may be things we picked up over time such as binge eating salty snacks after a stressful day at work or biting your fingernails when you’re nervous. These negative habits are things we do that temporarily satisfy something in us even though they usually provide no measurable benefit. These also tend to be things that we are well aware that we need to be done and over with.  Did you know that it generally takes about 2 months to completely change a behavior? That means it generally only takes about two months to stop a bad habit or to introduce a positive one. …

Vacation Guilt

Good morning friends! In a few hours Kevin will be swinging by my house and we will be heading off to New Hampshire to meet up with a couple of friends. It’s about 8:45 right now and I’m not scheduled to leave until about 11:00… I’m up a bit earlier than planned because I’m a little anxious. At some point this anxiousness will turn into excitement, but for now I’m anxious and I’m writing myself through finding out why. Previously, I would feel this way, ignore it/suppress it only to have it resurface later on. Not today. Because health. Before I fell asleep last night I looked up the term “vacation guilt”. I have a tendency to feel guilty, like I’m doing something wrong, whenever I take time out of work. Because of this I never use my vacation time. I wanted to know if I was the only one and surprise, I’m not. I read a few blog posts and articles about it and discovered that vacation guilt has a lot less to do …

So…People had a lot to say about my mental health post.

To say I was anything but surprised on the amount of feedback I got from my latest post would be lying. People loved it. It’s crazy because I was so hesitant to talk about this topic for many reasons, but I’m glad I did. There’s something about the human condition that uses the struggles that we all face to connect us. It gives us a community of people who relate to the fact that we all have something we’re going through. We’re all warriors earning our badges throughout this life and when we realize that we can shift the focus from ourselves and instead support each other. I think that’s pretty amazing. I made a video addressing the feedback I received. It’s on YouTube and you can find it by clicking here. I have a bunch of other videos on YouTube as well, but this is definitely one I’m proud of simply due to the amount of effort it took for a quick “thanks for loving on me” post. I’m also pretty proud of this …

5 healthy things I’m bringing into year 27

Hey friends! So, today’s the day! It’s my birthday. If you have been keeping up with my recent posts then you would know that this next year has been something I’ve been struggling with a little. But. You would have also seen that I’ve managed to not only come to terms with it, but I’ve managed to finally get excited for it. Yay me! This is going to be a quick little post, but I wanted to acknowledge the healthy little things that I’ve done or learned during the last year that I’m excited to be bringing into my next year; let’s go! 5 healthy things I’m bringing into year 27: Rest appreciation- this year I learned how valuable rest really is. I learned the importance of saying “no, thanks” and not over committing. I learned how to relax and slow down while still being productive. This is something I look forward to continuing. Value of friendships- I learned about true friendships this year. I’ve always had friends, but friends who you can argue with, …

Don’t Run. Fight. Be Brave.

Transparency post. I’m never as brave as I look. I have to remind myself constantly that it’s okay to be fearful, but that fearfulness is not an exscuse for stagnancy. My tendency when things catch me off guard, stress my beyond comprehension or scare me is to hide or run away from the challenge. By hide, I don’t mean physically (at first), but I more so hide emotionally. I shut myself off to feelings and can become very clinical in my approach in an attempt to patch it up and remove it from my sight. I become a “1) what’s the problem 2) what’s the solution” type of person. People who aren’t familiar with me and how I handle stress (which is 98% of the population) will often celebrate this side of me because it’s effective. I get praised for having a small to non existent stress response or being able to maintain my cool under insane amounts of pressure, but inside I fully well know that what I’ve done on the inside to get …