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Something Different

Hey friends! First of all I want to say thank you for the response to my recent post 4 months in. I deliberately stay away from sharing too many details of my actual life online simply because that can open one up to a lot of things, many of those things being negative things. You all have been so kind and lovely and supportive and it warmed my heart, so thanks again for being the greatest little crew. You guys rock! Now, for the news. I’ve been working pretty hard on something and I wanted to share it with you guys. I’ve been exploring the realm of vlogging editing and all of that jazz and wanted to share it with you all. This isn’t the whole thing, just a little teaser to whats on its way but feel free to check it out below:   The final video should be uploaded tonight or tomorrow, so keep an eye out! It’ll be posted on My Channel. Thanks AGAIN for being so amazing!

Help! I’ve started a blog!

There it is, right in front of you. The blank screen.   You’ve had this idea floating around in your head for months. You’ve tossed it around to your close friends and some select family members. They’ve told you it would be a great idea. You’re creative, inspiring, full of knowledge they’ve said and well, you believe them. The world would totally benefit from the thoughts you mull over in the late hours of the night or while zoning out in class. So you said “Yea! Lets do it!” and you created an account. You thought long and hard about a URL and spent way too long finding a theme that shows the world, or at least the blogosphere at first glance what kind of sophisticated blogger you are. If you’re the super prepared type you may even have a notebook of blog ideas to pick from and you start tapping away. The computer keys are singing their praises as you finally set your inner word artist free. You type for what feels like hours, …

5 Tips for Getting Out of That Creative Slump

I’m a creative, or so I call myself. This means that I enjoy creative pursuits. Whether that involves finding inspiration in a museum, flipping through a design magazine or getting a scene out of my head and in watercolor. I enjoy things that inspire me to create. But, as much as I enjoy these things, life has a way of…well…getting in the way. I work six days a week. I get Fridays off but spend most of that day doing my laundry, cleaning my home and planning for the girls meeting that I lead later that evening. Every once in a while I get that creative bug and take off on one of my ventures. But, about halfway through (or…less than half) I hit a wall. I became frustrated with this pattern of ‘non creativity’ and decided I would combat it with everything I’ve got. Which at that moment was nothing. Now, months later, I feel that I have a couple of things that have proven themselves to be effective ways of getting those creative …