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My Feel Good Playlist | #FeelGoodFebruary

I know I’m not the only one totally obsessed with having a playlist for every moment of their lives….right? I have a playlist for happy days, angry days, sad days, and even a playlist throwing it back to the angsty teen days (because who doesn’t love a little bit of teenage angst in their 20s…). For this month’s #FeelGoodFebruary series I spent a little time taking my favorite jams and compiling them into a playlist for you. You can find this list already set up on my #FeelGoodFebruary playlist on Spotify. For those of you without Spotify, I wrote out the songs on the playlist in the list below. Music has always meant a lot to me. If someone were to stumble upon my most listened to playlist I’d like to think they would get an unfiltered, inside look of who I am and the way I interpret the world around me. One of my favorite things about getting to know someone new is listening to the music they feel defines them…I can almost start …

5 tips for dealing with mean people by Nicole Eva

5 Tips for Handling Mean People

It’s a well known fact. People can be mean. Like really mean. I’m not talking about the woman who rolled her eyes at you in line at the store or the thumbs down on your YouTube video…I’m talking about the intentionally-trying-to-get-under-your-skin-and-make-you-feel-less-than kind of mean. When I was a kid, I remember thinking that when I got older people would be nice. You know, because maturity. I had never seen adults be mean to one another. Yes, I had seen adults fight and be angry at one another, but I had never seen the intentional hurting of another person in my adult surroundings as a child. In my mind anger was never connected to meanness…a concept I believe adults today still find hard to grasp. You can be angry with someone without lashing out and being vindictive. Go figure. I have learned in my adulthood that there are some people who simply aren’t nice and who as a result will not treat you nicely. These people in their intentional spitefulness can get into your head and …

feel good February winter recovery routine, how to self care

Rest, Self Care and My 5 Step Winter Recovery Routine| #FeelGoodFebruary

It’s finally February. Christmas is over, New Year’s Day has passed. We just had a mad rush of holidays and parties and non stop stresses. Some people have a really hard time with the come down after the crazy holiday season. I am NOT one of those people. As an introvert I LIVE for the post holiday come down period. I need a moment after all of the socialization to take it slow and reenergize myself.

spending time alone is healthy Nicole Eva

Spending Time Alone

Did you know that solo time is healthy? (all the introverts in the house said HECK YEAH). Really though, it is. Our world is loud, busy, overstimulated and full of interaction. Every once in a while it is healthy to take time away from the noise and spend sometime with yourself. There are benefits to spending time alone Solo time can actually increase your creativity It can increase your ability to feel empathy It can help us to regulate our emotions when going through a rough time It can help you identify truths within yourself (how you may really feel about a situation or circumstance) It can help you to get to know yourself better Spending time alone can even increase your mental strength So. What does one do when spending time alone? Do you have to stay home, close the blinds and sit in the dark? No. There’s a lot that you can do alone…like a lot. You’d have to increase your comfortably of hanging out alone over time (or, you could just dive …

Feel Good February

Hey friends, welcome to February! We’re a full month through with 2020 already, crazy huh? This month I’m going to be doing a series focused on YOU. I’ll be sharing self care tips, things to encourage mental health & wellness and more. I’m excited for it and I hope you’ll come along! I wanted to do something different than the usual things that come with the month of February. I figure there will be enough “date ideas” or “valentines day crafts” or even “best dating apps” this month and personally I hated seeing all of that when I was single and I STILL hate seeing all of that now. Annnnd no, there’s nothing wrong with Valentine’s Day…I’m by no means anti it, I just don’t feel like posting about it : ) I’d instead much rather go deeper into what I’m most passionate about and the purpose of this blog as a whole which is to encourage women to see themselves as the strong individuals they are and to help us all to be the …