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image of crinkled bed sheets header to title of blog post called slow by Nicole Eva highlighting the importance of slow mornings for self care and mental wellness

The Secret of Slow

Slowing down has been a goal of mine this year.  I’ve been really into slow mornings. Waking up slow, taking the time to make tea, making a nutritious breakfast, showering, being fully present in my skin care routine and taking the time to sit and soak in the quiet before diving into the tasks of the day has been so rejuvinating for me.  Deciding whether or not I was willing to try trading my few extra moments of sleep for moments of calm as opposed to rushing around the house panicked about getting work on time and starting my day at a level 10 stress before 9am was pretty much a no brainer. Although I’ve loved it, it wasn’t the easiest of adjustements at first. There were some strategies I’ve had to figure out before I was able to make this into a successful routine of mine. Now that they’re in place I don’t struggle as much to reach that happy place of quiet in the mornings. The benefits are immeasurable and if you’re down, …