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5 Healthy Habits for Mental Wellness

______________________________________________________________________________ *Note* This post may contain affiliate links. As an amazon affiliate member I earn from qualifying purchases. ______________________________________________________________________________ The habits we keep can improve our lives or be detrimental to our lives. Habits are defined as “routines of behavior that are repeated regularly and tend to occur subconsciously”. Naturally, because we are human, we have a tendency to easily pick up negative habits and hold onto them for dear life. These may be things we picked up over time such as binge eating salty snacks after a stressful day at work or biting your fingernails when you’re nervous. These negative habits are things we do that temporarily satisfy something in us even though they usually provide no measurable benefit. These also tend to be things that we are well aware that we need to be done and over with.  Did you know that it generally takes about 2 months to completely change a behavior? That means it generally only takes about two months to stop a bad habit or to introduce a positive one. …