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self care when you just don't care - self care for depression mental wellness

Self Care for When you Just Don’t Care

There are times when life is rainbows and sunshine. Times when breathing is easy and laughter is plentiful But then there are times when sometimes getting out of bed and choosing to engage with the day feels like climbing the highest mountain and the simple act of faking a smile robs you of every bit of your energy. These days it’s just as important, if not more so important to care for yourself. Self-care has been illustrated as sitting in a tub filled to the brim with bubbles with lit candles, sipping wine, and reading a book before bed. I mean there’s nothing inherently wrong about indulging in self-care in this way. It will definitely leave you feeling pampered, but I believe that fixating on only that physical side of self-care inadvertently cheapens the goal of self-care. And on those days when it’s hard to even convince yourself to eat and take a shower…a bubble bath and candles just aren’t going to cut it. So. When you don’t feel like it, when you can’t be …

30 compliments for girls that don't mention their bodies blog post by Nicole Eva promoting self love and self confidence in girls

30 Compliments for Girls That Don’t Mention Their Bodies

It’s mental health awareness month and I’m starting my side of the conversation with this little but significant post. I know that when we do it, there’s no harm intended, BUT we’ve got to stop focusing on the physical when talking to girls (boys too) about their positive attributes. This doesn’t mean you can’t tell your friends or daughters that they look nice…that’s not what I’m saying. Let them know they look nice, and also let them know of other ways they’re beautiful to you. This does a few things: One – It helps them to develop not only eyes that see those non physical attributes as equally if not more important than their physical ones, but it also helps them to affirm their strengths in other ways. Two – It helps you as a person to become conscious of the way you see people. It helps you to develop the skill to see those around you beyond their physical presentation. I think we need more of that in todays world. And that’s all I’m …

keeping your mental wellness in check during stressful times

Keeping Your Mental Wellness in Check during Stressful Times

It’s been an interesting few weeks hasn’t it? The word normal is kinda obsolete at the moment as our reality seems to shift day by day. It can be for some quite unnerving. I know for me I have moments where I am totally fine and handling life like a champ, and then I have moments where I’d like to come out of bed only when life is back to what I’ve always known it to be. During times like these, its really important to check in with yourself and keep your mental wellness in check. My latest youtube video discusses how I’ve been coping and what I’ve started doing in order to keep on top of my mental wellness. It took me a little while to actually post it since I get a little transparent in this video, but AUTHENTICITY REMEMBER? (no idea what this means? here’s the blog post for clarification). Interested? Check it out! Thanks for watching guys! I keep forgetting to share my videos with you,. but I post quite a …