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top 5 personal development books for women in 2020

Top 5 Personal Development Books Every Woman Needs in 2020

As much as I’d love to claim that I’m a big reader, my reading progress so far this year (or lack there of) would beg to differ. I have yet to complete ONE book this year. It’s not because I don’t have time (because as we learned in this post we ALL have time), but I think it’s more so that I am less interested at this point in my life in reading for pleasure. Basically right now, if a book isn’t teaching me something worthwhile, I do not want to read it. I love learning from people’s writing because I feel as though I’m being personally mentored by someone who genuinely wants me to succeed. Although that is not ALWAYS the case, for the most part, a lot of the authors I’ve seen lately really have a desire to teach others things that it’s taken them some time and effort to learn. Through my writing, connecting and researching I have gathered a rather large list of articles, blogs and books that I desire to …