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I’ve been spending the last few days/weeks/month reflecting on this season of life. ⁣ It’s been such a wild ride and at many points I’ve been like “aight God let me off these people are whacked”. But one of my prayers lately has been to not lose track of the beauty in the midst of the chaos, and as a result I’ve almost grown to find more peace in the crazy than I do in the mundane. ⁣ I find that people love louder in the crazy. People seek joy in the small things in the crazy. Artists create powerfully in the crazy. And me, I dance harder and sing louder in the crazy (if you see me dancing in my car mind yo business 🙂). ⁣ All in all, yea it’s chaos and it pretty much feels like the world is imploding at times, but there’s still beauty here. You may just have to squint a little bit while looking for it 🤎 Xx Nicole Eva

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How to Reset Your Sleep Schedule in 5 Steps

I don’t know about you, but my sleep schedule over the last month and a half has gone from decent to bad to “sleep where???” This isn’t because I don’t value sleep by the way. I love sleep! BUT sleep doesn’t love me right now and it’s 100% my fault.  With the talk of opening businesses back up comes the talk of employees going back to work. Some of you will be returning to work after working from home. Some of you will be hitting the job market hunting for jobs that are now looking for new hires. Either way we are going to be transitioning from out of the office to back in the office and a good night’s sleep is going to be a requirement.  My current sleep schedule is: In bed by 12:30, scroll social media “trying to fall asleep” until 2:30, try to fall asleep without social media for a half-hour, and actually fall asleep between 3-4:00. It’s trash. I need a total sleep schedule reset if I am going to …

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Journal Prompts for Self Care/ Personal Development

Hey friends! Today I want to share some journal prompts with you. These prompts should help you begin a journaling habit by answering the question of “where do I begin” or even “what do I write about”. Not only that but they will also help you to start to ask yourself questions that will help you along the journey of personal discovery and personal discovery leads to (in most cases) personal development. Feel free to take these along with your on your journey! Happy Journaling Journal Prompts for Self Care/Personal Development Who are you? What are you good at? What are 3 non physical things you love about yourself? What makes you feel beautiful? What makes you feel loved? How do you show love to others? What are your most valued friend traits? 3 Things that made you happy from last month. 3 Things you are looking forward to this month. What has been your favorite age so far? Why? What is your favorite season? Why? What makes you feel confident? How do you reset? …

30 compliments for girls that don't mention their bodies blog post by Nicole Eva promoting self love and self confidence in girls

30 Compliments for Girls That Don’t Mention Their Bodies

It’s mental health awareness month and I’m starting my side of the conversation with this little but significant post. I know that when we do it, there’s no harm intended, BUT we’ve got to stop focusing on the physical when talking to girls (boys too) about their positive attributes. This doesn’t mean you can’t tell your friends or daughters that they look nice…that’s not what I’m saying. Let them know they look nice, and also let them know of other ways they’re beautiful to you. This does a few things: One – It helps them to develop not only eyes that see those non physical attributes as equally if not more important than their physical ones, but it also helps them to affirm their strengths in other ways. Two – It helps you as a person to become conscious of the way you see people. It helps you to develop the skill to see those around you beyond their physical presentation. I think we need more of that in todays world. And that’s all I’m …

Little Loves |April

April is over and now we welcome May. April was…interesting to say the least, but along with it being a month of chaos and heightened emotions, there was a lot in this past month to be loved and that’s what we’re doing today. Today we celebrate the ‘little loves’ of April. I started April off with a little bit of a room makeover (technically this was the end of March, but it still counts…) This helped me to not only better utilize the space in my room, but it’s been so pleasant waking up with more space and sunlight each morning. I’ve actually taken to keeping my blackout curtains open during the night (I have blinds, don’t worry) so that I can wake up to a room flooded with sunlight. It’s been doing wonders for my morning motivation. These three songs have kept me vibing all of April. I’m usually quite varied when it comes to my music tastes, but for the last few months I’ve been very intentional about the messages in the music …

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How to Feel Beautiful

You’re beautiful my friend. Why? Because you’re you. It’s really that simple. We don’t always feel that way though, do we? Answer: No, no we do not. We all have days where we don’t feel our best, days where we feel out of sorts and out of place. It’s usually on those days that I’ll find myself being pretty harsh verbally with myself. I used to be a pro at picking myself apart and leaving myself feeling like total garbage. Within the last year though, I stopped and started doing something else instead. That something else resulted in a lot less nitpicking, and more acceptance, encouragement and even celebration from me to me. Here are some things you can do everyday to feel like the beauty you are! Smile at Yourself Okay, I know this one sounds weird, but what if I told you it was backed by science. When you smile, the contractions of your muscles tell your brain that you’re happy. When your brain gets those happy signals it releases chemicals that make …

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5 Local Businesses to Check Out In Providence, RI (Post COVID-19)

Today I’m making a list. An after COVID-19 explore list. In this list will be the places I am looking forward to visiting again or for the first time. Why? Because future aspriations and goals actually help us to feel hopeful and excited. It gives us something to look forward to, to dream about. All of those things can in some cases even help us to combat feelings of despair & depression, which is prevalent during times like these. So, let’s do this, let’s dream about tomorrow and look towards these better days ahead!

Why I Stopped Trying to “Get in Shape”

Growing up I never thought about weight. I was never focused on that. I was a skinny kid who honestly and truly couldn’t care less about what I looked like. This carried into high school, where I was a track athlete, a competitive swimmer and an all around active human with a high metabolism. I could wear whatever I wanted and never worried about if something would make me “look fat”…because it wouldn’t. Fast forward to the college years. And no, it wasn’t the freshman 15 that got to me. It was actually everything that happened after college. The slow down of activity, long hours of sedentary work and the general stress that came along with adulthood. Put those factors together along with the slowing down of my metabolism and there you have it. I gained weight; and a bit of it. Now, it wasn’t a super dramatic increase, but it was enough to realize that I had gone from being at a place where I used to be so unconcerned about clothes fitting and …

Things I want to Start Doing Immediately

I have a list. It’s a large one. It’s a list of things I want to start doing to better my life. Here’s my frustration though….it still a list. That’s frustrating because that means that I haven’t accomplished any of the things yet! Are you like me? Do you have a list, mentally or physically of things you want to do but haven’t? Things like, workout daily, or eat more greens? Maybe wake up earlier? How do we get rid of the list and just…do all of the things? I think I just answered it…we just have to do it. I’m home from work indefinitely. So what better a time than now to start turning that list into actions? Here are somethings I am going to take off of that list starting tomorrow and make into actions: Stretch Daily Core Exercise Daily Write Daily Instagram Story Daily Read Daily Start my Day With a Bottle of Water Daily Watch an Illustrator Tutorial Daily Read my Bible Daily There are soo many things I want to …