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What makes me “Worthy”

As you know I’ve kind of taken a break from writing. I’ve been journaling and such, but I haven’t been documenting my moments publicly. I’ve been enjoying time out of the spotlight and away from the pressure to create for an audience. It’s been nice. 

Lately though I’ve felt the pull to begin again, to share my thoughts and aspects of my life with others but to be honest, I’ve been kind of burdened by the question “what makes me worthy”? 

If you are someone who also creates, whether in the form of writing, photography, music or another art form I would assume that you’ve at some point asked yourself some variation of this same question. “Why is my life important to others?” “What about me is so special that I feel I deserve a special platform to talk about the mundanities of my existence?”. My very simple answer to myself, would be, it’s not and absolutely nothing. 

I don’t say this to degrade myself, but i’m simply being honest. I don’t think there’s necessarily anything particular about me that makes me stand out from other writers or from others on the internet. Yea, I’ve had some unique experiences, but I don’t really believe they’re anymore unique than those experienced by you or those around you. So what makes me “worthy” of this space on the internet? Literally, nothing, nothing at all.

When I had this thought initially, it was discouraging. I mean, I was coming to terms with the fact that there was nothing specifically *special about me as a writer. I wasn’t an expert blogger who could give tips and tricks to help you grow your blog in a few months. I wasn’t living a scandalous life with captivating stories to update you on each week, and I wasn’t traveling the world and going on adventures in idyllic wanderlust fashion. I’m just a woman in a small city, phasing out of young adulthood who likes to write and share pieces of my life (maybe at times too much of my life) with strangers on the internet. As I ruminated on this, I had another thought; the people I enjoy consuming content from, whether reading their blogs, watching their YouTube channels, reading their tweets or engaging with on instagram are kinda like me. 

They are normal people, living relatively normal lives…and I love them. I tell my husband all of the time that I consider these people “friends”. I care about their ups and downs, celebrate their accomplishments and grieve with their losses… and maybe that makes me weird but I think I relate more to the “mundane” pieces of life from others than the extremely spectacular. I of course enjoy a good travel or van life vlog, but regularly I find myself really connecting with those who aren’t necessarily “worthy” of this public platform. 

Because of that little realization I felt more at peace. Theres nothing wrong with the regular day to day stuff.

That enouraged me, but I didn’t want it to stop there. I want to encourage those of you who may be on the fence about blogging or creating a podcast or starting YouTube or getting involved on social media or just sharing you whatever you do. If your hesitation to share or discouragement comes from you thinking you don’t have anything to offer (as mine does from time to time), remember that you don’t have to offer anything. Most people who connect with you are going to connect with you for you. Have fun with it.

When it comes down to it, if you were given the desire to create, whether it’s educational content for a subject you’re interested in, showcasing your art, or just broadcasting the happenings of your everyday, do it. There’s no one in your way but you and just as there are people who are here and who continually read my content (thank you by the way!) there will be people out there who resonate with you too.

Rebuilding Your Self-Confidence

I don’t know if this is apparent, but I am a highly sensitive person. I do a pretty good job at pretending I’m not simply because the world can be a bit harsh, but, it’s who I am. 

Like most people who are highly sensitive, I’ve grown up always assuming this to be a bad thing. I grew up around labels such as “too sensitive”  or “too quiet” which to me, indicated that this trait was a negative one. 

As I grew into adulthood I went through phases of acceptance of myself and my sensitive nature; it made me exceptionally good at the personal aspects of my work in every job I’ve ever held and it made me a pretty good friend. But along with the phases of acceptance, I also went through phases of rejection of this part of me; it made me a target for ridicule in spaces where this trait was viewed as a weakness. 

Recently, I had an encounter that sent me spiraling. My “me” was again under scrutiny and I had to make a choice. Do I do what I’d done for years, change myself to fit this mold, this expectation of what I should be simply to avoid the sting of rejection? Or do I stick to what I know to be right which is to be who I am? 

If I wanted to deceive you, I could say that this was an easy choice and that I picked me first and foremost and lived happily ever after, but that’s not the truth. The truth is the choice sent me deep into crisis. I found myself not only feeling the weight of rejection from others, but I also found myself rejecting myself. I became enraged that I couldn’t be more like what “everyone” had expected me to be. I became hateful of my quietness, my introspective nature, my desire to observe before jumping in and my slightly awkward approach to social situations. And I was there for days. I knew I was wrong, but I still felt all of this bitter animosity towards myself. 

Even today, almost a month later I’m a bit gun shy when being observed. I stepped away from social media, YouTube and I haven’t written publicly in a while. I’m not completely settled, but what I can say is that I’m choosing myself, as I am. 

Once I made that choice, I had some work to do. I needed to rebuild my confidence and heal the wounds caused by others, but also the wounds caused by myself. I hurt myself more than anyone ever could because when it came down to it, I rejected myself.

I’m still in the process and every day I have to consciously make the decision to take care of myself, but it’s working. So I wanted to share the process of how I’m rebuilding my self-confidence and repairing my self-esteem after a set back. 

How I’m Rebuilding My Self-Confidence After A Set Back

The first thing I did was get quiet and get alone.

What was extremely helpful for me during that time was the fact that I was sent on a work trip alone. I had to trust myself to not only navigate by myself, but to care for myself in the process. There was no one to speak for me, just me. I was able to sit in silence, and get uncomfortable with my thoughts and feelings, by myself, in a hotel room. 

The next thing I did was eat well.

I know that sounds so simple, but there’s a connection between your gut health and your mental health. And if your gut is healthy, that’s another factor working with you towards a healthy mind and not against you. I made sure to stay on top of my fruit, veggie and protein intake, I took my probiotics and stayed hydrated. 

Another thing that helped me was I rediscovered something I loved and made time for it.

I grew up as a competitive swimmer. If there was a pool, I was going to be in it and I loved it. It relieved my stress, made me happy and showcased my strengths. I rediscovered my love for the pool while on that same work trip and as soon as I landed I opened a gym membership at a gym with a pool. I swim almost every day. Not only is it doing numbers for my cardiovascular health, but the way I fill with confidence when I set a goal and conquer it in the pool is unmatched. 

The last thing that I’ve done and it’s actually something I’m still doing, intentionally surrounding myself with people who love me for me.

Being around people I don’t have to impress, people I don’t have to be anyone but me for, it’s healing. From spending nights hanging out with my husband to going out with girlfriends, creating space in close proximity to people who bring me joy has done a number to remind me why I like being me. 

As I said, I’m still in the process. I’m still building (sometimes it takes a while) but I can feel myself coming back and I’m so excited for all these little steps along the way. 

Thank you for hanging out!

I promise we’ll talk soon 

xx Nicole Eva

Why Working Out Isn’t Working For You

Working out. We know we need it.
Whether it’s in the form of taking a walk, going for a bike ride, cardio at home, or lifting heavy in the gym, we all know that working out should be a decent part of our lives. But sometimes, we hate it.

Fitness was a part of my life from a young age. By the age of 10, I was a competitive swimmer and a gymnast. I played soccer, did tae kwon do, ran 5ks, and whatever else I could get into. Maintaining an active lifestyle was all I knew. This lasted up until my freshman year of college, it was just something I did and never needed to think too much about…until I stopped.

Once I slowed down, as people do when they get older and take on more sedentary roles at work and school, I started to gain a bit of weight here and there. That weight gain combined with “grown woman” weight, combined with the slowing of my metabolism took me for a ride emotionally and I started to look for ways to lose it, fast. I never did anything drastic, but I did workout, a lot.

I ran a lot. Lifted a lot. And ran a lot more. It worked for me, but I started to hate it. I hated going to the gym. I hated running. I hated working out. In addition to all of that, I started to hate my body for being the way it was and putting me through this. Even though in theory I was getting physically healthier, I was developing a bad relationship with working out and with my body in general. Eventually, I got burned out and quit altogether.

Maybe that’s you, or maybe you’re not quite there but for some reason, you can’t find yourself committing to a fitness routine for more than a month or two. You start out rocking and ready to go but once your initial high and excitement is gone, you’re dragging your feet…again.

So what’s the deal? Why isn’t working out working for you? Why wasn’t it working for me?

I can’t exactly speak for you, but I can tell you what my deal was.

I was working out to change myself. I was doing what everyone out there was telling me to do, “Don’t like something about yourself? Change it.” So I tried and tried hard.

Here’s the thing about working out purely because you hate your body: body hatred doesn’t simply go away when you lose weight, when your butt gets bigger or when your stomach is flat. We’re human, and as humans, when we’re always focused on what’s next, we risk never being content and finding joy in the present moment and with our present selves.

Today I love working out. I love going for walks or jogs. I’m always excited to head out to rollerblade or work up an intense sweat in my living room. I’ve been this way for a while too, and it’s not changing. So, what changed?

I’ve found that I enjoy working out more when I’m not focused on losing weight but when I’m focused on using working out as one of my many tools to help me feel good. To help me be well. As soon as I stopped trying to change my body because I hated it, I started to love taking care of my body—in all aspects. I loved getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, getting the proper nutrients in my food, using healthy products on my skin, and working out as a means to keep my body happy.

I believe, that when you decide to love your body, the way it is now, for what it does now, you’ll find that doing the things to help heal your body come easier and that they’re more enjoyable.

Here’s an exercise you can do:

Even though where you’re at now may not be your “ideal look” you can still appreciate your body for what it is and what it can do and does every day. We talk a lot about the positive self-talk here on this blog and this post will be no different, I want to encourage those of you that may be having trouble with your body right now to take a moment to write out things about your body that you appreciate.

They don’t have to be physical things necessarily (though that is also encouraged); they can be things like “I appreciate you carrying my babies and keeping them safe” or “I appreciate your strength and resilience” and even “I appreciate the way you tell me what you need”. Whatever it is take a moment to write them down, once that’s done, practice telling yourself these things daily. With such practices, we begin our days at an advantage—You set up a positive tone for your nutrition choices, and for the ways you decide to move your body.
Healing and helping your body needs to come from a positive place, and this is how we get that started.

You got this!
xx Nicole

Caring For Yourself After A Binge

We’ve all been there. You’re doing really well eating what you should, when you should, you feel great, and feel like you look great…then it happens. For whatever reason, you have a terrible eating day.

For me, these usually look like me not eating breakfast till about 1 pm, and then instead of eating something nutritious I run to the fastest, easiest thing available and eat way too much of it, because, well, I’m hungry. This may be bread, chips, bagels, chicken nuggets…literally anything I can get my hands on.

By the time I catch up to myself I’m full and bloated and bracing for the regret that’s going to come any minute.

This moment is an example of binge eating. Not to be confused with binge eating disorder, an episode of binge eating is really as exampled above. A moment where you consume more food than you normally would, in a shorter period than you normally would.

These days, although not great, are normal. And your reaction to such days (frustration, disappointment, and maybe total indifference) are also normal. But there are ways you can care for yourself after a not-so-great eating day to help your body recover healthily and to help soothe the negative self-talk that can come as a result.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and my goal in sharing this post is simply to help others understand how to treat themselves with kindness and grace after a moment of discouragement.

How to care for yourself after a binge

Drink Plenty of Water

Keeping yourself hydrated helps your body to regulate. It might feel uncomfortable to do at first, but doing so will help your body digest and increase your metabolism.

Counter Nourish

Give your body what it needs. Later, when you do eat again (and you should, do not skip meals due to a moment of binging. Your body still needs you to take care of it) fill your plate with foods high in fibers. Veggies are packed with fiber and vitamins that will help to give your body the nourishment it seeks. Fiber also helps you to digest and eventually go to the bathroom, and those bathroom trips can offer some relief after a binge day.

Move Your Body

Chances are after a binge you’re not feeling too great. Getting your body moving accelerates the process of digestion and can eventually lead to you emptying your stomach, which can offer some relief. Not only that but exercise releases endorphins that make you feel good.

Use Your Words Constructively

As much as it may be tempting to get angry with yourself and say some not very nice things, resist. You are human and you are allowed to sometimes misinterpret your body’s needs. Remind yourself that this is a part of life and growth and that growth is good and worthy of celebration.

Take a Nap

Okay. So this one may not be as scientific as the others but, for me, if I take a nap after eating a bit too much of the wrong stuff, I skip all of the weird digestion pains (and mental guilt) and wake up just in time for my body to be ready to….start over. So, not as science-y (sorry) but a helpful tip from my life. Do with it as you may.

We all have days where we fall off track and don’t eat what we should and the way we should. Our bodies though, are stronger and more resilient than we think they are. It will be back to normal in no time, and you get tomorrow to make a positive impact for yourself. Allow yourself space to be human and take care of yourself along the way, you need it.

xx Nicole

Spring Cleaning | Wellness Style

Spring is here!

Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping and it’s finally starting to be warm enough to where we want to open our windows and let in the clean air.

Spring signifies a fresh start to many people. It’s the time of the year where we like to clean out our old and make room for our new. We donate old clothes and home items, deep clean our closets, and just overall make sure that our space is nice and fresh.

A clean home is great, but it’s not the only thing we should be focused on cleaning out and freshening up this season. What I’m talking about is spring cleaning for your mind and overall wellness.
Just as we sweep out the dusty crevices of our homes, we need to make a habit of doing so with our minds and bodies as well.

Here’s how we can do some spring cleaning of our own, wellness edition.

Clean up those thought patterns

What does your inner voice sound like? Is it overly critical? Is it negative? If so, it’s time to be intentional about changing its tone. How do we do that? We practice. Tell yourself positive things about yourself. When you catch yourself being negative, be intentional, aggressively so, about countering those negative thoughts and words with positive ones. Instead of “wow I’m so stupid” try, “it’s okay, mistakes help me grow”. Making a habit of changing the way you speak to yourself, out loud, will change the way you speak to yourself internally.

Put negative people on mute

Sometimes people can bring us down. We all have people in our lives who only want to focus on drama, conflict, bad news, and other things that make us feel bad. You may love these people, but it doesn’t mean you have to give them access to you and your emotions. Unfriend or unfollow them on Facebook, delete them from Instagram or Twitter, and set boundaries as far as spending physical time with them. This doesn’t make you mean, but it does make sure that you are prioritizing your headspace and that is very important.

Take out those negative habits

Alrighty, friends, we all have some bad habits that have found their ways back into our lives since the new year right? I know I do (somehow Instagram has reestablished itself as my morning routine…oops). Well, winter is gone and spring is in and it’s time to send them packing…again. Make yourself a list of what habits you have that need to go. Arrange them in order of easiest to break to hardest and start. Start small, and be consistent, it will pay off. It also helps to hold yourself accountable by telling someone else.

There is no time like now to get starting on a better you! And days like these spring days make me feel so good that I’m excited for a healthy home, body, and mind.

What are you cleaning up this spring season, let me know below!

Thanks for reading, talk soon.

xx Nicole Eva

The Cure | Why You Need More Water

Groggy. Bloated. Sluggish.

This was my life before I began taking my water intake seriously.

This year, I made a goal that I wanted to be more intentional about my water intake. I know I don’t drink enough, and when I do drink, my preference is usually tea or something sweet, which is not the best. 

I was sick of feeling gross. Sick of my skin being so dry and just knowing that my body was struggling, so I made a change. 

How about you? Do you find that you don’t drink enough water? If you’ve been struggling with feeling sick, tired, bloating or even skin issues, you may simply need to drink more water.

The average human needs about 8 glasses of water a day. That’s water, not juice, coffee, tea, protein drinks or energy drinks. Just pure water. 

Image of a glass pitcher of water sitting on a table overlooking a sunset

If you’re someone who doesn’t drink enough water and you know it, then going from way under 8 glasses to 8 glasses isn’t an easy transition and it also isn’t a change that should be done suddenly. You can start small and begin with a glass in the morning, before your tea, coffee or juice. Then, opt for water as your beverage of choice with your meals.

You may just find, as I did that as my water intake increased (i’m not even all of the way there yet) you’ll start feeling more alert, you’ll be less bloated (for the most part) and have more energy. 

Water makes you feel good. Many crucial bodily functions rely on your water intake to do their job—from your kidneys that filter your blood, to your lymphatic system that aids in fat digestion and rids you of threats to your immune system. Your body quite literally needs water, and enough of it, to do its job.

When your body tells you it needs water, listen to it. If you don’t you’ll find that you’re never “thirsty” and that’s because your body has given up on telling you. You won’t get the signals, but your body will soon see the results of chronic dehydration and we do not want to go there. 

Need to up your water intake?

Here are some tips to help you along your journey to a more hydrated you

Find the Right Water Bottle

I don’t know about you but if my water is in a bottle that I like, then I’m going to drink more. Some of my favorite water bottles are ones with time stamps on them, because if I can match my water intake with a “goal” I am way more likely to succeed. Here are some of my favorites:

32 Oz Water Bottle With Time Marker

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One Gallon Water Bottle With Time Marker

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Bottled Joy

Shop this bottle here 

Set A Routine

In true enneagram 9 fashion, if I can develop a routine around drinking water, then I will be more likely to reach my hydration goals. The key for sticking to a new routine, is to pair it with one you already have. What does your morning routine look like? Where can a glass of water fit in? Maybe while you brew your coffee, while you heat up your bathroom or after brushing your teeth. 

Make it Interesting

Even though the goal is pure water, sometimes adding a little something to your water just helps you want to drink more. Normally I like to add fruits or lemon slices to my water, but lately I’ve liked adding some of these to my water to make increasing my water intake a little less boring:

Liquid Iv

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Twinnings Cold Infuse

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Mio Fit

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Making a commitment to drinking more water doesn’t have to be overwhelming! You can get the benefits of being properly hydrated and have fun while you do it.

How’s your relationship with water lately?

What’s a tip you think you could implement right away to help increase your water intake? Do you currently use any of these tips/products to help you with your water intake?

Add to the list, what are some other tips and tricks to help increase ones water intake?

Happy hydrating!

xx Nicole

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Beginners Guide to Wellness | Three books you MUST read

The Secret of Slow

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Beginners Guide to Wellness | 3 Books You Must Read

Wellness has become quite a trending topic lately. Everyone’s into it, it’s become an aesthetic even.

When you take a moment think about it, it’s not that surprising. 

There’s got to be a connection between the entire world enduring the trauma of a pandemic and a lockdown, and experiencing the variety of turmoil throughout the past year, and the sudden peak in interest in all things health and wellness.  

Although mental health and wellness have always been my areas of interest, the events of this past year pushed me to also take some intentional steps towards educating myself on the health of my mind and my body. I wanted to know what steps I should be taking to take better care of myself and how to be more intentional about my emotional health.  

I remember those first intentional steps towards wellness being a little overwhelming. There’s a lot of information and a lot of information everywhere. There are blogs, books, podcasts, YouTube videos, and even classes. How do you know where to start? 

I started with books. 

I’ve always been a reader. 

I remember days of getting lost in novels, celebrating the development of my favorite characters, and adventuring through new worlds and cultures, all through the pages of a book. 

Nowadays, my pleasure reading looks a little bit different but for me, it’s just as enjoyable. 

Below, I’ll be listing some of the books that helped me take the first steps into my wellness journey. If you click the links listed with the books, you can add them to your cart or a wishlist for later! 

Disclaimer: The links attached are affiliated links. This means that if you do make a purchase, I have the possibility of making a small profit. With that being said, I only link products I believe in and will always tell you the truth about how I feel about a product or recommendation!

3 Books To Help You Start Your Wellness Journey Today

Deeply Holistic

image of the book deeply holistic posted in blog by wellness blogger Nicole Eva

Deeply Holistic is a book that introduces you to wellness and leads you through the science of wellness. You explore the origins and get a really in-depth look into how our bodies work and what we’re doing currently that makes our bodies not work as well. This is definitely more of a textbook-type read than a pleasure read, but you will learn way more than you thought you needed to. Check it out here.

Root to Bloom

Root to bloom will give you all of the nitty-gritty details about plants, and how to utilize every last bit of them for your benefit. This book will teach you that our definition of what is food and what isn’t is not actually true. Check it out here.

Infused Waters

In the pages of this beautiful book, you will find recipes for how to use different herbs, fruits, and spices to boost your hydration and assist your body. I’ve been really loving this one as a little bit of a tea aficionado, it’s given me some pretty good recipes of things to brew. Check it out here.

Do any of these books catch your eye? Which ones? What books would you add to this list? I’m always up for a new health and wellness read. 

Liked this post? 

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Thanks so much for hanging out!

Talk soon,

xx Nicole Eva

image of crinkled bed sheets header to title of blog post called slow by Nicole Eva highlighting the importance of slow mornings for self care and mental wellness

The Secret of Slow

Slowing down has been a goal of mine this year. 

I’ve been really into slow mornings. Waking up slow, taking the time to make tea, making a nutritious breakfast, showering, being fully present in my skin care routine and taking the time to sit and soak in the quiet before diving into the tasks of the day has been so rejuvinating for me. 

Deciding whether or not I was willing to try trading my few extra moments of sleep for moments of calm as opposed to rushing around the house panicked about getting work on time and starting my day at a level 10 stress before 9am was pretty much a no brainer.

Although I’ve loved it, it wasn’t the easiest of adjustements at first. There were some strategies I’ve had to figure out before I was able to make this into a successful routine of mine. Now that they’re in place I don’t struggle as much to reach that happy place of quiet in the mornings. The benefits are immeasurable and if you’re down, I’d love to share them with you. 

Benefits of Starting Slow

Slow mornings help you to ease into your day

What does your normal morning look like? Mine typically consisted of me waking up, reaching for my phone, following up with left over texts from the night before, checking social media, seeing what’s going on in the world (via twitter of course), flipping through my emails and then realizing that my 5 minute turned 30 minute scanning of the internet has set me back. From there I would rush into my morning prep and barely get a chance to say, “Bye” to my husband as I left for the day. I’d be anxious and on edge and annoyed that I’d have to spend money on food because I had again forgotten to pack my lunch. Now, when I wake, I’m engaged in my environment, aware of how I’m feeling and what I need from myself before the day officially begins.

Slow mornings can help to manage anxiety

Slowing down and being intentional about how I want to spend my mornings has helped to almost completely remove that anxiety from me during the day, mainly because for me, I’m not creating it myself. The rush and chaos that follows a morning started with rushing and chaos is stressful. Removing that in the morning has helped it to barely surface during the day, this has also been helpful in helping me handle whatever gets thrown at me throughout the day with much more grace.

Slow mornings help you to be more mindful 

Mindfulness in its simplest form means to pay attention to. When you’re intentionally slowing down, you cannot help but to pay attention to your surroundings, your body, your mental state. Mindfullness is beneficial for many reasons, but primarily it connects you to what you are doing which eventually triggers you to understand/think about why you are doing what you are doing, leading you to fill your life with things that are purposeful, not fluff. For me, checking social media in the morning is fluff, I don’t need it. Journaling and spending time in quiet is not.

I like me better when I’ve started my morning off slowly. In general, I have more time, I’m a more peaceful person, I actually enjoy being awake in the early hours of the day and sometimes, I actually get to eat breakfast with my tea.

If you’re already into the slow living lifestyle, then none of this will come as a surprise to you. If you’ve yet to start, or this is the first time you’re hearing about it, I want to encourage you to give it a shot. Make a little room to take care of you in your morning routine this week!

Talk soon!

xx Nicole Eva

Let it Flow | Stream of Consciousness Writing Style

Have you ever just taken out a notebook, journal or even a piece of paper and just started writing? No direction in mind, no plan, you just started writing the first things to pop into your head. Did you know this specific kind of writing is called stream of consciousness writing

Basically when you’re writing like this, you’re taking all thoughts and emotions and throwing them straight from your heart & mind onto paper; no filtering, no editing, just raw and unfiltered you.

Stream of consciousness writing is an exercise that involves you getting a notebook, picking up a pen and just writing. You ignore punctuation, style, grammar, format… anything that stops you from writing.

Verified Life Coach

Generally when I journal, I tend to edit my thoughts. I don’t edit them drastically, but I do make sure to do a little polishing to make sure things sound logical. It sounds silly especially since I’m the only one who will be looking at my words, but nevertheless, I take my time to make sure my personal words sound nice and like I have some sense. With stream of consciousness  writing, it’s intentionally supposed to be the exact opposite. You’re supposed to write things as they come to your mind. You may be thinking that that sounds easy enough, and well I thought the same until I tried it out myself. At this point I’ve been doing it for two weeks and it’s still a little bit of a challenge for me.

Here’s what’s challenging about it

Not editing myself before it hits paper — this means I have to look at me. Not the self realized version of myself affirming my self realization and awareness through thinking and journaling as two separate entities. No, not that self; but the confused, self conscious, insecure version of myself that at this point where I’m still getting used to this, spends more time writing about how I don’t know what I’m supposed to be writing about than anything else. 

Rereading – this part isn’t so much difficult as it is intimidating. It’s intimidating because I didn’t solve my issues before writing about them. Normally when I journal it leads me through thought processes and I can usually use the writing as a guide to navigate issues. Through this kind of writing I’m not thinking separately. I’m thinking as I write. The solving or identifying of tones voice or attitude comes afterwards. 

Distractions – because this is supposed to be a flow of thought, distractions are more dire. There’s no plan, so if I lose my train of thought it’s really gone. I need to start over completely. What I’ve found helps to reduce the chances of that happening is to set up the environment. I put my phone on Do Not Disturb, I play specific music that helps me to focus and play it loud enough so that I will not be distracted by my neighbors in the hall or upstairs and I write in a journal specifically so that I will not be tempted to distract myself by notifications that may pop up on my computer. 

As much as those are challenges, I do believe I’ll eventually get used to them and they’ll become less of an issue as time goes on. It’s new to me at this time though so of course I’ve got some nuances of discomfort. There are some benefits that I’ve discovered in this short period of time as well. I’ll list those below.

Benefits of Stream of Consciousness Writing

Self Understanding – this is you. The real version of you— unfiltered, unedited, raw and exactly as you are in this moment. Whether you’re rambling about your day, ranting about an incident or complaining, this is you. Writing like this provides you with an opportunity to better understand your thoughts and feelings. Maybe you’ll end up writing about something that happened earlier in the day that you didn’t think really bothered you but it did. Now you get to ask yourself why instead of allowing it to be a subconscious trigger. 

Verbalize Better – through writing and later having to analyze what you’ve written, you’re going find yourself better able to verbalize your thoughts and feelings to other people. This will help you to become a better communicator especially when talking about your self and your emotions. 

Sense of Calm – Each time I dive into this, I come out of it feeling a deep sense of calm. It’s almost as if my body sees this as purging, which it basically is. It takes a bit out of me emotionally, but it returns a lot as well.

Whether you are an avid journal-er, a beginner, or someone who just stumbled upon this blog post, I encourage you to give this a try. 

Graphic by Nicole Eva explaining the steps of stream of consciousness writing

Have a safe and happy week my friends! 

Talk soon,

xx Nicole Eva 

Behind The Scenes With Nicole Eva

Hey friends! I’m Nicole, the writer behind I started this platform because I believe deeply in taking our lives back from the noise of our world. I’m 29 years old and passionate about writing and all things wellness and mental health.

Currently, I’m studying to get my certification in Holistic Nutrition and Wellness. If not studying you can find me well…writing, and if not writing I’m out and about taking photos with my husband for fun or for our photography business, and if I’m not doing any of that I’m definitely taking a nap.

It’s been lovely being able to use a space like this to think out loud and build connections with people all over the world and I hope we continue to do that here for the years to come!

Here are some other spaces where you can find me

Instagram – The artsy version of almost everything that goes onto this blog, plus my day-to-day thoughts and everyday life.

Twitter – Rambles, complaints, thoughts, commentary on life as it pops into my head.

YouTube – Videos on wellness, mental health, blogging and lifestyle

Pinterest – Just artsy things that I collect or create. Usually related to blogging or wellness.

Additional Resources

Recently I got together (virtually because she lives in California and I live in Rhode Island) with a blogger friend, Darin from Urban Suburban Girl, and together we created a Facebook page for bloggers. It’s not the typical “how to blog” or “buy my blogger masterclass” page, we’re not experts and we’re not selling anything. We just felt that there was a need for new and old bloggers alike to get together and share info, struggles, get inspiration, and just engage in community. If you are a blogger, old or new and you are interested in being a part of this, we’d love to have you! Check out the page here!

That’s about it!

I just wanted to pop in and re-introduce myself since it’s been a while and there are a lot of new faces recently. Hope to talk to you guys again really soon! Byeeee

xx Nicole Eva