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A letter to myself on the first day of the last month of the year:  As we know, this year has been something else. We’ve experienced, a lot. As I was reflecting on this year and my feelings about it, the following came about. It came about because I have frustrations, I have heartaches, I have doubts and they all come from the things experienced in this past year. So, I wrote this.   You may be tempted to dismiss the small things.  You may be tempted to dismiss the hard things.  You may be tempted to dismiss the set backs. Don’t. Don’t sit in your discouragement.  Don’t stop believing in your dreams.  It may seem like your time is racing past you, It may seem like you just can’t catch up. It may seem like your unrealized goals of this year were failures. Because you didn’t accomplish what you set out to, But they weren’t.  This year you learned, a lot. This year you continued to dream.  This year you learned to pay attention …

8 Air Bnb Locations I Would Visit Right Now

Every once in a while, at least once a year, I get this itch to travel. This year when the itch showed up it was met with an intensity like never before. Probably due to the fact that we cannot currently travel at the moment. To scratch this itch (and sort of torture myself I guess) I decided to re-download my AirBnB app. If I couldn’t physically travel, I was going to dream of travel. Not only was I going to dream, but I was going to favorite these locations and make a plan to get to at least one of the locations on my list. Before I started searching I decided right off of the bat that I didn’t want to look at the typical vacation destinations. If these were going to be dreamworthy they needed to be something different, something exciting. Something of fictional romance novels. You know, the ones that you read while snuggled up in more blankets than you need, with a cup of tea and the tv on that Yule …

the joy of missing out Beating FOMO or the fear of missing out blog post by Nicole Eva

The Tea On: FOMO

FOMO or the fear of missing out, has been defined as (according to google) “Social anxiety that comes from believing that others may be having fun without you.” I agree with that definition, but I also believe FOMO can be about a little more than simply thinking that others are out enjoying their lives without you present. Over the last few months I think many of us have been experiencing a bit of FOMO anxiety related less to our friends but more to the state of our world. I live in America which means as you may know we just had an election, and if you’ve been paying attention then you know how that went…annnd how it’s currently going (deepest of sighs).During the time period leading up to the election results everyone…EVERYONE was on their phone, watching the news, looking at news articles, doing whatever they could to stay up to date so that when a result was called they would be the first to know. I would argue that that could also be a …

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So Long, October.

October’s end is quickly approaching and just like that it’s about to be the second to last month of 2020. Wow. I’m not usually taken by surprise when the end of the year approaches because, well, you expect it. There’s just been so much packed into the past 9 months that I feel like the last thing I’ve had the emotional capacity to think about was the end of the year. But, as we know, it comes whether you’re watching for it or not. October for me was a good month. This month makes 3 months married and I can finally say that I feel married. There are still some parts that feel brand new but for most of it I feel like we have adjusted pretty well to living together and sharing the same space. I think one of the most difficult adjustments so far has been simply figuring out how our normal individual schedules fit together. Between work, rest, sleep schedules, gym routines, creative work and recreation our schedules and ways of doing …

Loving Lately | My Top 5 Kitchen Must Haves for 2020

Disclosure: This blog post contains affiliate links! Regardless of affiliation the products I am discussing are products that I use and love and would recommend either way Autumn is here! This means the end of the year is right around the corner and I think I share everyones sentiments when I say I am excited for the end of 2020. One of my favorite things about this season so far has been getting my home all decked out for the holidays. This is the first holiday season that I will actually be able to decorate a home that is mine and I am excited to turn the space into a totally aesthetic and cozy dwelling filled with vanilla pumpkin scented candles, christmas wreaths, and comfy blankets to watch all of the cheesy holiday things with. Speaking of home decor and all of those fun things, I’ve created a list of some of my current favorite things in my home. Most of these items have been gifted to us from friends and family as wedding gifts …

self care when you just don't care - self care for depression mental wellness

Self Care for When you Just Don’t Care

There are times when life is rainbows and sunshine. Times when breathing is easy and laughter is plentiful But then there are times when sometimes getting out of bed and choosing to engage with the day feels like climbing the highest mountain and the simple act of faking a smile robs you of every bit of your energy. These days it’s just as important, if not more so important to care for yourself. Self-care has been illustrated as sitting in a tub filled to the brim with bubbles with lit candles, sipping wine, and reading a book before bed. I mean there’s nothing inherently wrong about indulging in self-care in this way. It will definitely leave you feeling pampered, but I believe that fixating on only that physical side of self-care inadvertently cheapens the goal of self-care. And on those days when it’s hard to even convince yourself to eat and take a shower…a bubble bath and candles just aren’t going to cut it. So. When you don’t feel like it, when you can’t be …

Perfectionism, Grace and Enjoying the Process

I struggle with perfectionism in my marriage

Well, actually that’s a partial truth. I do struggle with perfectionism in my marriage, but not just there. I struggle with perfectionism everywhere, I always have. I thought, however, that I had overcome it. That I had finally reached contentment with being imperfect and had fully embraced my flaws in all of their glory. I thought that until…well until I got married.

How did I figure that one out? Lately, I’ve found myself frustrated. It took me a little while to figure out the source of my frustration but once I figured it out it made sense.

Let’s Talk Hair | ft. Edge Naturale Follicle Enhancer

Simplicity has become something I value as of late.  With life forcing all of us to slow down and disconnect, I’ve been able to hone in on the things in my life that I connect with.  I’ve found that I really vibe with having a routine, a simple, flexible routine, but a routine nevertheless. Something as simple as waking up and starting my morning with a devotional and a cup of tea can set my tone for the rest of the day.  All of my routines are simple, from skincare, to face care and even hair care. I work hard to keep them that way (one stroll through the skincare section at Target is all it takes to tempt me into reinstating my product junkie status tho). Currently, I’m in a stage of trying to grow out my hair to allow it to be its healthiest self. This means that I keep my hair in low manipulation styles, deep condition once a week, and try my best to stay on top of hydrating my hair …

photo of a candle for blog post by Nicole Eva

In the Midst | Life Updates and Life Lessons

I need a new journal. My old one is nowhere near filled to the brim like the ones before, but I feel like this new chapter in my life requires a completely new book to symbolize everything that has changed you know? There’s been a lot of change. Some really great and some I really wish hadn’t come about. Over the past 2 months I moved out of my home, moved into a new apartment, got married and am now in the process of adjusting to life as a wife alongside my new hubs. Crazy, right? We’ll sort through the details of all of that another time, but yes. Major changes and the good kind. Some other major changes, from the other side of the scale; my grandmother who lives in Barbados fell sick and passed away and right after my family dog of 16 years also fell sick and passed. Through all of these events, I’ve been learning some really important lessons. Lessons of how to be excited and happy about life while simultaneously …


I’ve been spending the last few days/weeks/month reflecting on this season of life. ⁣ It’s been such a wild ride and at many points I’ve been like “aight God let me off these people are whacked”. But one of my prayers lately has been to not lose track of the beauty in the midst of the chaos, and as a result I’ve almost grown to find more peace in the crazy than I do in the mundane. ⁣ I find that people love louder in the crazy. People seek joy in the small things in the crazy. Artists create powerfully in the crazy. And me, I dance harder and sing louder in the crazy (if you see me dancing in my car mind yo business 🙂). ⁣ All in all, yea it’s chaos and it pretty much feels like the world is imploding at times, but there’s still beauty here. You may just have to squint a little bit while looking for it 🤎 Xx Nicole Eva