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Beginners Guide to Wellness | 3 Books You Must Read

Wellness has become quite a trending topic lately. Everyone’s into it, it’s become an aesthetic even.

When you take a moment think about it, it’s not that surprising. 

There’s got to be a connection between the entire world enduring the trauma of a pandemic and a lockdown, and experiencing the variety of turmoil throughout the past year, and the sudden peak in interest in all things health and wellness.  

Although mental health and wellness have always been my areas of interest, the events of this past year pushed me to also take some intentional steps towards educating myself on the health of my mind and my body. I wanted to know what steps I should be taking to take better care of myself and how to be more intentional about my emotional health.  

I remember those first intentional steps towards wellness being a little overwhelming. There’s a lot of information and a lot of information everywhere. There are blogs, books, podcasts, YouTube videos, and even classes. How do you know where to start? 

I started with books. 

I’ve always been a reader. 

I remember days of getting lost in novels, celebrating the development of my favorite characters, and adventuring through new worlds and cultures, all through the pages of a book. 

Nowadays, my pleasure reading looks a little bit different but for me, it’s just as enjoyable. 

Below, I’ll be listing some of the books that helped me take the first steps into my wellness journey. If you click the links listed with the books, you can add them to your cart or a wishlist for later! 

Disclaimer: The links attached are affiliated links. This means that if you do make a purchase, I have the possibility of making a small profit. With that being said, I only link products I believe in and will always tell you the truth about how I feel about a product or recommendation!

3 Books To Help You Start Your Wellness Journey Today

Deeply Holistic

image of the book deeply holistic posted in blog by wellness blogger Nicole Eva

Deeply Holistic is a book that introduces you to wellness and leads you through the science of wellness. You explore the origins and get a really in-depth look into how our bodies work and what we’re doing currently that makes our bodies not work as well. This is definitely more of a textbook-type read than a pleasure read, but you will learn way more than you thought you needed to. Check it out here.

Root to Bloom

Root to bloom will give you all of the nitty-gritty details about plants, and how to utilize every last bit of them for your benefit. This book will teach you that our definition of what is food and what isn’t is not actually true. Check it out here.

Infused Waters

In the pages of this beautiful book, you will find recipes for how to use different herbs, fruits, and spices to boost your hydration and assist your body. I’ve been really loving this one as a little bit of a tea aficionado, it’s given me some pretty good recipes of things to brew. Check it out here.

Do any of these books catch your eye? Which ones? What books would you add to this list? I’m always up for a new health and wellness read. 

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Thanks so much for hanging out!

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xx Nicole Eva

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    • It’s definitely a good read. It’s taking me forever to get through because the pages are so packed with info! I love it.


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