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Spending Time Alone and Why it’s Important

Alone time is good for the soul. 

Whether you’re naturally introverted or naturally extroverted, setting aside sometime for you to sit and enjoy your own presence is a very important part of existence. 

For some, alone time is a refreshing and natural part of our lives. For others, the idea of spending time alone intentionally is actually quite intimidating. If that’s you, no worries! Right below is a guide of some small ways to set up intentional alone time and simple things you can do with that time. 

What is Intentional Alone Time?

Taking time to be alone intentionally doesn’t always mean simply not hanging out with friends. Intentional alone time can be any time where you are taking time away from socialization on purpose. Maybe that’s you removing yourself from social media for a set amount of time, stepping away from the group chat for a little bit or turning off snapchat notifications for a while. The goal is to have uninterrupted time with you and yourself. 

How to Set up Intentional Alone Time

How often this is done is up to you. Personally I really enjoy doing this once a week, but I am also a super introvert and thoroughly enjoy anytime when I don’t have to exist outside of myself. Friday mornings are my me time. Schedule a time with yourself that fits naturally into your life. Friday mornings work for me because 90% of the time I don’t have to go anywhere or see anyone. I wake up and proceed with my morning routine, but do it without the usual stimulation of group chats, snapchat, instagram dms, twitter notifications, or emails. 

Benefits of Intentional Alone Time

Spending time without that constant stimulation can actually do some really great things for your mind. It can help you to become more intuitive and more receptive to hearing yourself. It can help you to improve your creativity and it can recharge you emotionally and mentally. It can help you to appreciate your routines and the small simple things that we normally rush past while doing a million other things. It can give you time to find solutions for problems, or help you to get more organized. It’s also super beneficial for mindfulness and can have an extremely positive impact on your mental health.

What do During Intentional Alone Time

So. If you’re not on social media, and you’re not chatting with friends, or answering emails…what can you do with this alone time? Here’s a list of some things you can do:

  • Wake up slow
  • Read in bed (or anywhere really) 
  • Write in a journal – be your own therapist
  • Make a list of some goals (short term and long term) 
  • Take care of your skin (moisturize, exfoliate etc.) 
  • Take care of your nails 
  • Meditate
  • Do Yoga
  • Exercise 
  • Make some tea (or coffee) 
  • Make a nutritious breakfast 
  • Dance (maybe throw on some your favorites from your teen years and let loose)
  • Write a letter to yourself
  • Enjoy the quiet

Give some of these a try and see how you feel! What you do with your alone time is up to you. In the end it’s really about getting comfortable with spending time with yourself. I find it so empowering to truly enjoy spending time with myself this way and I hope you will too. 

Don’t forget to connect with me on Instagram! This week I’m doing something different and would love to connect with you guys on this topic for Wellness Wednesday.

That’s it for now, looking forward to chatting with you soon!

xx Nicole

p.s. Enjoy some of these fun downloadable below. For printable versions, check out the links.

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