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8 Air Bnb Locations I Would Visit Right Now

Every once in a while, at least once a year, I get this itch to travel. This year when the itch showed up it was met with an intensity like never before. Probably due to the fact that we cannot currently travel at the moment.

To scratch this itch (and sort of torture myself I guess) I decided to re-download my AirBnB app. If I couldn’t physically travel, I was going to dream of travel. Not only was I going to dream, but I was going to favorite these locations and make a plan to get to at least one of the locations on my list.

Before I started searching I decided right off of the bat that I didn’t want to look at the typical vacation destinations. If these were going to be dreamworthy they needed to be something different, something exciting. Something of fictional romance novels. You know, the ones that you read while snuggled up in more blankets than you need, with a cup of tea and the tv on that Yule log YouTube channel; Yes, those ones. They needed to meet a criteria: Cabin-esque, semi isolated, I’d even settle for the right bed and breakfast. It needed to have something exciting about it; the view, a sprialing staircase, a green house…something. It needed to be reasonably priced (we are not millionaires…yet). And it needed to be a reasonable distance away. I added this clause only because if I said I was searching the entire continent of North America then I’d be looking all month, so I limited it to New England. Here is what I found:

(I should probably state here that this is NOT an Ad for AirBnb…but like…AirBnb if you wanna sponsor me I wouldn’t be mad)

Modern Cabin Dream

This beautiful space confuses me in the best way. It gives off log cabin vibes while also giving me the edgy excitement of modern luxury with its black detailing and sharp edges. The big win for this space came when I discovered the bathroom featuring the bathtub of my dreams and the in ground pool that seems to bring you closer to nature rather than distract you from it. I cannot forget to mention the large glass windows that turn the surrounding woods into framed masterpieces as they are breathtaking. The designers of this space knew what they were doing for sure as shown by their attention to detail all throughout the home.

Picturesque Cottage

This little friend may seem like the “norm” as far as cottages go, but it took a total of two clicks to put this one on my list. From the fireplace to the open kitchen lit by large, high windows, to the view of the woods, I can already see myself curling up on the couch with a book or sitting in the sun room dissonnecting from the chaos of the world and just letting nature do what it does. This cottage reminds me of something you’d see in a christmas painting covered in snow, and I love that about it.

Mountainside getaway

When I think of a cabin in the woods style getaway, this is pretty much what pops into my head. The darkened wood exterior, the tall windows, spacious enough for people who don’t mind getting a little cozy (and by a little I mean very) and very much gives you that out in the middle of nowhere feeling that we introverts sometimes crave. I also love how the “bedroom” is up on a loft. It’s really simple, but lends itself to what it is; a beautiful space that places you right in the middle of nature. I’m already imagining sitting out in the evening on the back patio, watching the light fade away.

Rustic Modern Marvel

Okay. So this listing I kid you not gave me goosebumps. I’m dramatic about two things in life food, and home design, and WOW this listing has me near speechless. From the blackened wood, modern A-frame design, to the pine tree filled wood that surrounds it, this is the place of your adulthood fairy tales. The beauty of this space alone would make you put your phone away (except to take a few insta worthy shots of course) and simply take it all in. One thing I really like about this listing is the fact that it looks like it could be beautiful at any time of year. One of the photos in this sequence shows it covered in snow, and honestly the thought of getting caught up in a new england snow storm in this place seems like it would be kind of a dream.

Large Chic Cottage

This listing is a little different simply because it has more of the shabby chic style than any of the others I’ve previously listed. I fell in love with this space nonetheless because of the beautiful attention grabbing details within. From the first photo alone you can see a set of sliding barn doors. Where they go I have no idea, but I love that they are there. The large open windows that bring the outside right into the kitchen and sitting space are incredible. I really love the idea of being in the kitchen, making a pot of tea and being able to watch the rain or snow fall from the cozy insides of my place. Plus, I don’t think I’d ever be able to leave that hammock chair.

Secluded Mountain-Side Lodge

This beauty has two gems within that placed it on my list of places I’m dreaming of visiting. The first thing is the fact that according to the description, it is 5 minutes away from Mt. Washington. Imagine waking up and deciding to take a sunrise walk around Mt. Washington today. Maybe for the locals that’s not really that big of a deal, but for me, that screams adventure. I love how nestled in the trees this cabin is AND it comes with a hot tub…so yea. I’m sold.

Hillside Chalet

This cute space features a chic cabin feel while being a little more posh than your average log laiden structure. I love the way it’s designed and the way it’s tucked just out of the way without leaving you totally swallowed by the woods. The stately wooden beams in contrast with the beautiful white walls and wood floors gives off a quaint kind of beauty that honestly, I’m a pretty large fan of. The Mountain views are glorious and that alone would put it on my list, it’s just an added bonus that the space itself is so incredibly beautiful.

Picture Perfect A-Frame

This little beauty is the Pièce de résistance. I named her (yes her) Picture Perfect A-Frame because that’s all I want to do when I see this space, take pictures. The exterior is obviously unique, the little porch is so cute, and the inside gives me story book vibes. I absolutley adore this one. Surrounded by trees, I can just hear the sounds of wildlife in the early morning already. It would make the cutest little romantic escape or a cozy getaway with a couple of friends.

I told you in the beginning this was going to torture me didn’t I? Well, I was correct. The dreaming is paying off though and I may have convinced the hubs to consider a stay in one of these beauties for our first anniversary (fingers crossed).

As you can tell there’s a slight theme to the areas I’ve chosen, that’s because I’ve recently found myself kind of obsessed with being in the mountains. Kev and I took a trip to do maternity photos for a friend a year ago. That shoot led us to the mountains of New Hampshire and we’ve been obsessed and have been dying to get back to the mountains ever since. Any of these locations listed above would be a dream to stay at and I can’t wait until the world opens back up and we’re safe to travel and have adventures again.

Before I go, I’ve got two questions for you (and of course I’ll answer them too):

  1. Where is the furthest you’ve traveled from where you live? I live in Rhode Island, USA and the furthest I’ve been (so far) is Germany.
  2. If money wasn’t a concern, where would you go if you could travel anywhere in the world? If I could go ANYWHERE I’d say maybe Italy for the beautiful architecture, food and culture or Iceland for the views.

Okay my friends, thanks so much for stopping by! Wishing you safety and pleasant dreaming as we finish up 2020!

xx Nicole

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  1. Ashante says

    I can tell by the way you wrote this that you’re really into interior design!

    To answer the questions you listed:

    #1: I’ve traveled to Destin, FL and Chattanooga, TN

    #2: It’s amazing you mentioned Italy because that’s one place that I would like to visit. It would be cool to immerse myself in the culture and scenery. I also thought about Paris and Mexico.


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