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So Long, October.

planner on table opened up to November 2020 plan with me blog by Nicole Eva

October’s end is quickly approaching and just like that it’s about to be the second to last month of 2020. Wow. I’m not usually taken by surprise when the end of the year approaches because, well, you expect it. There’s just been so much packed into the past 9 months that I feel like the last thing I’ve had the emotional capacity to think about was the end of the year. But, as we know, it comes whether you’re watching for it or not.

October for me was a good month. This month makes 3 months married and I can finally say that I feel married. There are still some parts that feel brand new but for most of it I feel like we have adjusted pretty well to living together and sharing the same space. I think one of the most difficult adjustments so far has been simply figuring out how our normal individual schedules fit together. Between work, rest, sleep schedules, gym routines, creative work and recreation our schedules and ways of doing each of those things were individual. Now they’re individually together; I love it, it’s just been an adjustment for sure. The point being I don’t feel like we’re doing as much adjusting anymore, and that is nice.

This month also lent itself to a few adventures. I discovered a new tea shop with a friend. This has been nice since my favorite tea shop has recently become less visitable (a word?) to me since COVID which has been sad. This little shop is adorable and I love that it’s a Tea House as opposed to coffee shop because that means they take pride in tea specifically and won’t be serving me a tea bag and hot water when I order my tea like what happens at coffee shops (I don’t drink coffee FYI, that’s why this matters). I shot a friends wedding this month and I got to shoot it alongside my hubs so that was an adventure and a lovley event to be a part of. I also upgraded my camera for the first time since I started photography. Those are the few adventures from October that I can remember, but all things considered it was a pretty calm, nice month. I have no complaints.

Yesterday I started planning for November. By planning I mean I cracked open the November page in my cute little Libby Vanderploeg planner and got to work filling in dates, planning content and planning schedules for things I want to make sure I get done next month. I always find that I am more able to actually enjoy the holiday season when I plan ahead for it. I want to enjoy it this year. We DESERVE to enjoy it this year. Whatever it looks like. Therefore, my plan is to get ahead of it all so when the time comes I can sit back and just watch it all.

I posted a video of my little planning sesh on YouTube. It’s a very simple, aesthetic, chill vibes type of video where I literally set myself up with a cup of tea and write in my planner to some LoFi beats. If that’s something you think you’d be into check out the video below, I’d honestly love that!

I’m hopeful that this next month will be kind to us and will lend itself to good things for all of us. I really am!

What are you looking forward to the most this November? What are you nervous about? What brought you the most joy this past month? I’d love to hear your stories!

Until next time,

Stay safe friends

xx Nicole

p.s. I’d love to hang with you guys on instagram or twitter or both! I’m like…kind of funny…sometimes.

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