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Loving Lately | My Top 5 Kitchen Must Haves for 2020

Disclosure: This blog post contains affiliate links! Regardless of affiliation the products I am discussing are products that I use and love and would recommend either way

Autumn is here! This means the end of the year is right around the corner and I think I share everyones sentiments when I say I am excited for the end of 2020.

One of my favorite things about this season so far has been getting my home all decked out for the holidays. This is the first holiday season that I will actually be able to decorate a home that is mine and I am excited to turn the space into a totally aesthetic and cozy dwelling filled with vanilla pumpkin scented candles, christmas wreaths, and comfy blankets to watch all of the cheesy holiday things with.

Speaking of home decor and all of those fun things, I’ve created a list of some of my current favorite things in my home. Most of these items have been gifted to us from friends and family as wedding gifts from our registry. Each item is something we knew we needed and would love once we had them in our home, and we were right. Recently on my instagram I posted a photo of a shelf in my kitchen and asked if anyone was interested in knowing where I got my things from. I was surprised to hear a resounding yes from so many people. I decided then that I would create a list to share with you all!

Kev and I have been here for a little while and we have had a ton of fun shopping for our home (maybe more me than him, but I’m gonna stick with “we”). Our home is still developing, so I don’t want to show everything just yet, but I’m excited to share one space of our home so far, our kitchen.

Each listing is going to be paired with a link to the item on Amazon so that you can check them out at your leisure!

Money Tip: My favorite shopping method to ensure I don’t go too crazy spending money I haven’t budgeted for is to save the items in my cart for later so I don’t lose them when I’m ready to purchase.

My Top 5 Kitchen Must-Haves for 2020

Spice Rack

This spice rack is going to lead the list as its one of my absolute favorite items! It comes already stocked with 18 spice jars and it compliments my home beautifully with its finished light wood coloring. My all-time FAVORITE thing about it tho is the fact that it comes with 5 years worth of free spice refills…that alone was the reason I wanted it over other racks I saw. At first, I thought it was too good to be true, but the reviews on Amazon were enough to convince me to go for it. I’m glad I did. Check it out here!

Bakeware Set

This bakeware set brings me so much joy! And to be completely honest, I had ZERO interest in baking anything until this set was in my home. Now it’s not uncommon to find me scrolling through recipes on Pinterest in bed before I go to sleep to find any excuse to make something yummy in these dishes. They are dishwasher safe (even though I prefer to wash them by hand…just in case) and they look and act like cast-iron even though they are not (and they’re not the price of cast-iron either, which is nice). They come in plenty of different colors too! I was tempted to go with the vintage blue or yellow ones but went with black (shocker). You can find these here!

Glass Storage Jars

These were on my want list forEVER. These for me were required to achieve my “Pantry Goals”. I will admit that when I first placed these on my list they were purely for aesthetics. BUT now that they’re here I actually use them and often. I love being able to see my food on display. It motivates me to cook and also motivates me to keep things neat, which in my opinion is a win-win. Check them out here to get some for your home!

Kitchen Utensil Set

I LOVE these. Why? Because they’re cute first of all. Second, they don’t scratch my pans, they’re easy to use and clean. I placed a bit of twine in the hole on the back of them so that I could hang them for easy storage as opposed to shoving them into a drawer. It’s a nice solution when you are, like me, limited in kitchen storage space. Check them out here.

Bamboo Dish Rack

The last item I’m going to list for you in this post (we’ll have more posts like this in the future) is my dish rack. I love this thing for many reasons but this reason puts it up and over any other I’ve seen- It collapses. I love this feature because when I’m finished with it, I can put it away. When I was looking for a dish rack I saw many that were built to stay next to your sink. Although convenient, I didn’t want to take up my limited counter space with a rack that stayed next to the sink. This one does its job while also looking nice in the process. Check it out here.

Those 5 items are the things I’m loving lately in my home. They not only make me happy, but they help to make my life a bit easier in the process. I hope that as you browse you find something you love!

Thanks for hanging out and we’ll chat soon!

xx Nicole

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List of the affiliate links I listed in my post including some other items I didn’t talk about in my post but also love below:

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