Journal Prompts for Self Care/ Personal Development

Hey friends!

Today I want to share some journal prompts with you. These prompts should help you begin a journaling habit by answering the question of “where do I begin” or even “what do I write about”. Not only that but they will also help you to start to ask yourself questions that will help you along the journey of personal discovery and personal discovery leads to (in most cases) personal development. Feel free to take these along with your on your journey!

Happy Journaling

Journal Prompts for Self Care/Personal Development

Who are you?

What are you good at?

What are 3 non physical things you love about yourself?

What makes you feel beautiful?

What makes you feel loved?

How do you show love to others?

What are your most valued friend traits?

3 Things that made you happy from last month.

3 Things you are looking forward to this month.

What has been your favorite age so far? Why?

What is your favorite season? Why?

What makes you feel confident?

How do you reset?

What calms you when you’re stressed?

What are you afraid to do right now?

What daily habits of yours are positive?

What daily habits of yours needs improvement?

Who do you miss? What do you miss about them?

What song speaks to you right now? Why?

What make you feel less than/insignificant?

List 5 things to be grateful for today.

What would you tell your 13 year old self?

What’s a goal you’d like to accomplish this month?

Describe yourself in 3 words.

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That’s it!

I hope this helps you to get started on that journaling habit or helps you break through that writers block (another thing I enjoy using prompts for).

I may drop some more of these at the end of the month because this was fun!

Talk soon!

xx Nicole Eva