30 Compliments for Girls That Don’t Mention Their Bodies

It’s mental health awareness month and I’m starting my side of the conversation with this little but significant post.

I know that when we do it, there’s no harm intended, BUT we’ve got to stop focusing on the physical when talking to girls (boys too) about their positive attributes. This doesn’t mean you can’t tell your friends or daughters that they look nice…that’s not what I’m saying. Let them know they look nice, and also let them know of other ways they’re beautiful to you.

-Nicole Eva

This does a few things:

One – It helps them to develop not only eyes that see those non physical attributes as equally if not more important than their physical ones, but it also helps them to affirm their strengths in other ways.

Two – It helps you as a person to become conscious of the way you see people. It helps you to develop the skill to see those around you beyond their physical presentation.

I think we need more of that in todays world. And that’s all I’m going to say on that (for now).

Below you’ll find my list of 30 Non-Physical compliments. Take a few, write them down and use them on your friends, kids, students…heck, use them on everyone. Fill this place with love, we need it.

30 Compliments for Girls That Don’t Mention Their Bodies

  1. You are so smart
  2. I love your compassion for others
  3. You’re always so thoughtful
  4. You’re such a leader
  5. You are so strong!
  6. You’re so good at taking care of yourself
  7. I’m so glad I met you
  8. You’re such a great friend
  9. I never get tired of being around you
  10. I love your passion
  11. I love your style!
  12. You’re so good at makeup!
  13. How are you so creative!?
  14. I love how you put others first!
  15. You make me feel important!
  16. You’re so good at making me feel safe.
  17. You’re so kind
  18. You’re so empathetic
  19. I love your emotional confidence
  20. I love your confidence
  21. People are so blessed to call you their friend
  22. Your heart is so beautiful
  23. You have such a great laugh!
  24. You have the brightest personality
  25. You’re so in tuned with your emotions
  26. Your so down to earth
  27. You’re so good at ______
  28. You’re always so patient I love that!
  29. You have such a beautiful mind
  30. You’re going to be such a great ______

That’s 30! Thanks for reading and we’ll talk soon!

xx Nicole Eva

P.s. I made a TikTok in conjunction with this post… lol. I cringe but it was fun. Check it out if you dare 😂 (link here)