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Little Loves |April

April is over and now we welcome May.

April was…interesting to say the least, but along with it being a month of chaos and heightened emotions, there was a lot in this past month to be loved and that’s what we’re doing today. Today we celebrate the ‘little loves’ of April.

I started April off with a little bit of a room makeover (technically this was the end of March, but it still counts…)

This helped me to not only better utilize the space in my room, but it’s been so pleasant waking up with more space and sunlight each morning. I’ve actually taken to keeping my blackout curtains open during the night (I have blinds, don’t worry) so that I can wake up to a room flooded with sunlight. It’s been doing wonders for my morning motivation.

These three songs have kept me vibing all of April. I’m usually quite varied when it comes to my music tastes, but for the last few months I’ve been very intentional about the messages in the music I’ve been listening to. Mainly because I’m trying to stay in the space of positvity (sorry teen angst playlist).

April was the month of eating breakfast! Now, I know that not usually such a big deal but I’ve gotten out of the habit of eating breakfast and this past month I decided to get back into it. It has helped me stay focused, snack less, and I can even say my mood is more regulated when I have a healthy breakfast. I’ve been enjoying cooking in the morning too, even if it’s just eggs and oatmeal it’s still a nice “done” to have on the list of things I did well in the day.

The weather has been lovely for my area the last few weeks and I have been thankful. It’s funny, before all of this I would notice that a day was a nice day, but never do anything about it. Now, if a day is a nice day I want to spend as much time outside before the sun goes away even if that simply means sitting out on my front steps while scrolling through twitter. When the sun is out, I want to be out.

Along with taking advantage of the nice weather, I’ve learned how to use a OneWheel. My boyfriend bought one a while back and I’ve been quite intimidated by it. But, due to boredom and I guess the need for adventure I’ve learned to ride it. It’s nice because it gives us something to do outside and right in our neighborhood.

When I started writing this list, I kind of struggled to come up with things… but as I went along I realized so many beautiful things happened in April. Things like reconnecting with friends, conversations with family, belly laughter moments and more. There’s beauty everywhere, you really do just have to look for it. I write this now even as my family struggles through some really emotional stuff as we receive sad news about a beloved family member. Even as I sort through emotions surrounding a sick friend. Even in the midst of people around me suffering and crying out for help…even then there’s beauty. I want to be the kind of person to see it everywhere and in everything.

Yes, I’m nervous about what comes with the month of May, but alongside the nervousness I’m going to search for beauty because I know it’s there.

Stay safe friends,

xx Nicole Eva

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