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36 Things to do to Keep Your Sanity in Quarantine

Things to do to stay busy during quarantine

People are so creative aren’t they? I think that’s one of the things I’ve been realizing over the past few weeks, that people are actually so creative when given the time and motivation to be. After quite a bit of virtual people watching I compiled a list of things people (and myself) are doing to keep the endorphins up during this period of stress and just…abnormal-ness. Some of these items aren’t nesesarily endorphin boosters, but they’ll definitly keep you busy!

36 Things to do while you’re bored at home

  • Make a vision board
  • Jam out to music (check out my Feel Good Playlist post here)
  • Coreograph dances
  • Create a new dish
  • Start a garden
  • Decorate your driveway with chalk
  • Start a blog
  • Start a YouTube channel (check out mine here)
  • Build a workout routine
  • Start biking
  • Start jogging
  • Rearrange your room
  • Rearrange your home
  • Spring clean
  • Read a Book
  • Write an E Book
  • Declutter your home
  • Declutter your car
  • Paint your nails
  • Purge your makeup collection of old expired makeup
  • Clean your make up brushes
  • Do the Big Chop
  • Write letters to friends or family
  • Draw pcitures for your friend’s kids
  • Play video games (personal favorite, ledgend of zelda)
  • Do a legacy challenge on The Sims
  • Start a home project
  • Become a plant mom/dad
  • Virtual movie nights
  • Virtual girls nights (for extra fun, theme it)
  • Virtual game nights
  • Exfoliate them legs (yep, your legs)
  • Do a face mask
  • Have an unplugged day
  • Make your own pasta
  • Catch up with an old friend

Give it a shot. Try one two or more things from this list and keep yourself busy and avoiding feelings of anxiety and stress during this period.

Stay happy healthy and safe!

Nicole Eva

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Hi! I’m Nicole Eva, Journal Enthusiast, Healthy Habit Builder, and Advocate of all things Rest and Wellness. My job—to introduce you to YOU; The healthy, beautiful, authentic you. The you that sometimes gets lost in both the mundane and chaos of our world. I do this by sharing tips, stories, videos, guides, and more. I’ll challenge you, encourage you, and celebrate you all the way through your discovery of YOU. Currently, I’m studying to gain my certification in Holistic Nutrition and Health and Wellness Coaching and I’ll be sharing the cool things I’m learning with you along the way! Big fan of tea, cozy things, and well-designed spaces, so we’ll definitely talk about that too. Looking forward to getting to know you!


  1. I really want to start an ebook so I should take a look into that. Oh and being a plant mom! Great post and thank you for sharing.

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  2. I never thought of becoming a plant mom and with this extra time that would be a good idea actually. I wrote a whole bunch of blog posts for the next couple of weeks and I want to upload more onto my youtube channel as well.

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    • Yes! I’m falling down the plant mom trap little by little!

      And yes! This is the perfect time to get some videos up on the channel!


  3. I’ve been doing what I normally do, but I have been able to make a dent in some of those chores that take a backseat like cleaning up and organizing my photos, receipts. I definitely need to get around to my car too though lol!

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    • Yes! This is definitely one of those times where sometimes you get so bored that the only thing left to do is that thing you’ve put off… I haven’t gotten there yet lol but I need to do that thing next week 😓

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  4. I love that there are a lot of different things we can do while being in quarantine. We might as well make the most out of it if we want to do something. Ooohooo I’ve always wanted to make my own pasta! It always looked super cool. Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥

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  5. Maddisyn says

    This was such a fun post, thanks for sharing! Lately I’ve been seeing geometric chalk art on driveways. I plan on doing a face mask and painting my nails today. Oh and Zelda games are always fun to play

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    • Thanks so much for reading! Yes I’ve been seeing it too that’s what gave me the idea ☺️ definitely sometime I’ll be doing once the weather gets nice for me!


  6. heavietalk says

    This was a great post, very timely for me. I’ve been starting to get restless & bored in the house, this is a perfect list! Thanks for writing this post!

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  7. Anna says

    I love this list, thank you for sharing it! This would be the perfect time to write a book! I’ve spent the time decluttering our home, working on the blog and asking my husband to do yet another house project lol

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