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5 Local Businesses to Check Out In Providence, RI (Post COVID-19)

5 places to visit in providence Rhode Island

Isn’t it funny how when life is “normal” and as it “should” be we are pretty content staying inside and never bothering to explore the world just outside of our doors. Yet, as soon as something threatens our regular routines suddenly there are so many things we’d love to do and so many places we’d love to go? I’m using “we” and “us” a lot here…but I might be talking about myself…maybe.

That has been me for the past few weeks. Suddenly I have an interest to do *insert activity here* or visit *place I’ve literally never thought of before* and after getting over the frustration of just being so…human, I find it actually quite funny. I’m sure there’s some deep psychological reasoning behind why we do these things…but I’ll leave that for someone else to analyze in their blog.

Today I’m making a list. An after COVID-19 explore list. In this list will be the places I am looking forward to visiting again or for the first time. Why? Because future aspriations and goals actually help us to feel hopeful and excited. It gives us something to look forward to, to dream about. All of those things can in some cases even help us to combat feelings of despair & depression, which is prevalent during times like these. So, let’s do this, let’s dream about tomorrow and look towards these better days ahead!

My Post COVID-19 Explore List |Featuring Providence, Rhode Island

This list is going to be a compilation of places & business from Providence, RI. Why? Well, because I live here (well, close enough) and it’s such a beautiful city filled with so much that I have yet to explore fully. The first thing I want to do when this is all over is fully explore this gem of a city.

Tiny Bar PVD

Tiny Bar PVD is an “intimate, upscale, Jewel-Box bar” located in Providence. My interest in this space is purely aesthetic as I don’t drink, BUT from the look of their photos and tagged photos on instagram they definitely take time while curating their cocktails. The concept of it is what gets me, small enough to create community simply by being present in the space and I think if there’s one thing that these times have taught us it’s that when it comes down to what’s really important, community is everything.

Currently, their doors are closed but support them by purchasing e-gift cards or partner with them while they support face2face masks!

after COVID 19 bucket list providence rhode island
Check out Tiny Bar PVD on instagram

Friskie Fries

Where do I even begin. Fries are wayy wayyyy up there as one of my most needed accessories to any meal, but Friskie Fries takes it a step further (do I dare say… a fry…further…okay sorry) and makes your fries your meal. I have visited two of their locations and was NOT disappointed. Not only do they have a truck (for fry-cessorizing on the go….alright I’m done) but their menu gives you a good laugh with their tongue-in-cheek option titles. My personal favorite; The Cluck’n Hot Mess. I’m yet to try out any of their dessert options, but they’ve got options for your sweet tooth as well!

places to visit after covid 19 , friskie fries
Check out Friskie Fries on instagram

Troop PVD

This place looks dope, and I do not use that word lightly. Their instagram bio says, “Eats. Beats. Drinks” and that says enough for me. I have been around Troop, but never inside. Not yet. Each time the music was bumping and people were for sure enjoying themselves and if I could tell all of that from being outside of the restaurant, that tells you something; It tells me I need to pay them a visit. Their style is very street and gives me hip-hop vibes. Their menu is “inspired from street food traditions from around the world” and they too have placed a bit of their own character into the names of the sections within their menu.

troop pvd places to visit in Providence after COVID 19
Check out Troop PVD on instagram

Luluna Kombucha

So, this one is different as it’s not exactly a location that I can visit but more so a product that I appreciate that happens to be in locations that I also appreciate frequenting. I discovered them two summers ago at the Hope Street Farmers Market in providence. I was newly getting into kombucha and had tried a few other companies out but these guys got me hooked. Here are some things about them that put them over the rest; they are local, they are simple and they taste great. Although they are not based in Providence (breaking my own rule here), they have many retailers located all over Rhode Island and have quite a few in Providence specifically. I cannot wait until I can fill up a bottle of Strawberry Fields again.

paces to visit after covid 19 luluna kombucha
Check out Luluna on instagram

Riff Raff

Last but not least by any measure, RiffRaff bookstore and bar is definitely a space I am eager to get back to! When you’re trying to be productive, you quickly realize that home isn’t always the best place for getting focused. There’s always a new show to watch, laundry that suddenly needs to be done or a very needy dog. I went hunting for a space to get some work done and discovered this one. Not only is it the perfect environment for me to zone in, they also have the most eclectic collection of books I’ve ever seen. Good books, good vibes, and oh, they have a bar (they serve tea too) which for me is a winning combo. It’s small enough to be cozy and encourage community building, but large enough for the introvert (that’s me) to disappear if they so choose. Currently, although their doors aren’t open, they’ve been doing some really cool things that if you’re a book person, you may want to check out.

riffraff bookstore and bar places to visit in Rhode Island after covid 19
Check out RiffRaff Bookstore + Bar on instagram

When I tell people that Providence is one of my favorite cities, especially over more well-known cities like Boston, I am usually met with many confused faces…and I get it. I feel like it takes a little while to see what Providence really has to offer, but I think that’s why I like it.

5 places to visit in providence, Rhode Island
Photography by K2thecreative

I am eager to have this time behind us as I believe we all are, but in the meantime let’s use this time to spread love and support those who need it. Thanks for reading and I encourage to you click on some (if not all) of the links and discover a new favorite spot and just maybe we’ll bump into each other after all of this is over.

‘Till next time,

Nicole Eva

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    • Thanks! It’s lovely here, has its moments as everywhere does but I do love it. It’s definitely on my bucket list to head over to the west coast soon!


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