Keeping Your Mental Wellness in Check during Stressful Times

It’s been an interesting few weeks hasn’t it? The word normal is kinda obsolete at the moment as our reality seems to shift day by day. It can be for some quite unnerving. I know for me I have moments where I am totally fine and handling life like a champ, and then I have moments where I’d like to come out of bed only when life is back to what I’ve always known it to be.

During times like these, its really important to check in with yourself and keep your mental wellness in check. My latest youtube video discusses how I’ve been coping and what I’ve started doing in order to keep on top of my mental wellness.

It took me a little while to actually post it since I get a little transparent in this video, but AUTHENTICITY REMEMBER? (no idea what this means? here’s the blog post for clarification).

Interested? Check it out!

Thanks for watching guys!

I keep forgetting to share my videos with you,. but I post quite a few, so if YouTube your thing, subscribe to my channel to stay up to date on my life!

Talk soon!

Nicole Eva

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