A Note:

I wasn’t going to write a post about Valentine’s Day. But I decided it was important so I’m going to write a small one.

This is a note. To guys and girls who may be perfectly content all year round but one day a year leads you to question your worth or simple ability to be loved based on who is or isn’t paying attention to you today.


Right where you are right now is good enough.

Right where you are right now you are worthy of love.

Romantic love is not the only kind of love and it is not the most important kind of love. It is simply the most celebrated (because it’s an easy sell).

Do not spend your day wishing for something else. Spend your day celebrating what you’ve got.

The things I value most right now are my friendships. My sisterhood. My family and the absolute wholeness I have with myself. Those things are priceless. Become a curator of such things. They are worth more than gold.

Happy Valentines Day my friends,


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