Spending Time Alone

Did you know that solo time is healthy? (all the introverts in the house said HECK YEAH). Really though, it is.

Our world is loud, busy, overstimulated and full of interaction. Every once in a while it is healthy to take time away from the noise and spend sometime with yourself.

There are benefits to spending time alone

  • Solo time can actually increase your creativity
  • It can increase your ability to feel empathy
  • It can help us to regulate our emotions when going through a rough time
  • It can help you identify truths within yourself (how you may really feel about a situation or circumstance)
  • It can help you to get to know yourself better
  • Spending time alone can even increase your mental strength

So. What does one do when spending time alone?

Do you have to stay home, close the blinds and sit in the dark? No. There’s a lot that you can do alone…like a lot. You’d have to increase your comfortably of hanging out alone over time (or, you could just dive in…if your edgy enough). The other day I had an alone day and decided to document it on YouTube. I enjoyed my day but as you’ll see in the video I had some hesitations when my mental plan got switched up.

hanging out alone is beneficial for personal growth
Hanging out alone has become one of my favorite things

I had to be intentional with my solo time over time in order to get comfortable.

Even with my intentionality I still find myself feeling awkward when exploring new spaces by myself and I fully believe that that’s normal, because by nature humans are social beings…but every once in a while it’s healthy to go out and enjoy you with you.

Here’s a challenge for you.

Take sometime during this month to spend some intentional time with yourself. If you’re comfy, go out to breakfast or hang out in a cafe. If your even bolder go to a movie (i’ve been working towards this one) or head to a restaurant, pull up at the bar and order dessert (this one is fun). Whatever it is, do so with the intention of taking some you time. Whenever I’ve done this successfully I’ve always felt so empowered, and I want you to feel the same (obviously wherever you go be safe).

If you do this, tell me about it! I’m so interested to hear your results. If you’d rather not comment on the blog and want a more private forum to discuss it with me find me on instagram and hit my DMs. I’m looking forward to chatting with you!

Check out my video on how I spent my alone time here!

Till next time friends!