Feel Good February

Hey friends, welcome to February! We’re a full month through with 2020 already, crazy huh?

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Who else is excited for this new month?

This month I’m going to be doing a series focused on YOU. I’ll be sharing self care tips, things to encourage mental health & wellness and more. I’m excited for it and I hope you’ll come along!

I wanted to do something different than the usual things that come with the month of February.

I figure there will be enough “date ideas” or “valentines day crafts” or even “best dating apps” this month and personally I hated seeing all of that when I was single and I STILL hate seeing all of that now. Annnnd no, there’s nothing wrong with Valentine’s Day…I’m by no means anti it, I just don’t feel like posting about it : ) I’d instead much rather go deeper into what I’m most passionate about and the purpose of this blog as a whole which is to encourage women to see themselves as the strong individuals they are and to help us all to be the best versions of ourselves, physically, emotionally and mentally.


I’m naming the series Feel Good February because…

…Well, it’s February and you should feel good about yourself REGARDLESS of your relationship status. I picked the month of February for this specifically because I really wanted to have a direct counter effect of what this month tends to be for people. So breakout the face masks, tea and the fuzziest socks you own and join me as we kick off feel good February!

Posts will go out on Friday nights.

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Happy month 2 of 2020! Talk Soon!

Nicole Eva