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Why Im Choosing MORE Social Media for 2020

A lot of people have made it a “resolution” this year to spend significantly less time on social media. This year I plan on spending MORE time on social media…here’s why.

A few blog posts ago I mentioned how I didn’t set up any New Years resolutions because I’m kind of over the stress and over hype-ness of the new year new me stuff (missed it? check that post out here). I also stated how I already have goals and things that I’m working on right now and that those goals are well on their way (additional reasoning why I don’t need a plethora of new goals this year). One of those goals is this right here: My blog. I’ve been writing consistently on this page for about a year and a half. I’ve made my writing public for about 6 months and I’ve been writing in general (in journals, on the internet, on other medias) for 22 years. This year is the year for this space to take off. I’m ready for it. In order for that to happen people need to be able to see what I’m doing. Enter increased social media usage for 2020.


I started this increased social media journey already with Twitter. My twitter has become less of my silent creeper mobile (previously I just liked posts I found amusing and that was it) and has launched itself into being a stream of consciousness so to speak. I am growing with it though. I’ve realized that not only do I need to post more, link to my blog and vlog more, respond more, and become more active in share threads, but that I also need to be intentional with who I follow and connect with. If I’m using it with intention, it can become a very powerful tool. (Twitter: Nicole__Eva)


Instagram is next. Right now my instagram is mainly the space where I write cute little captions under aesthetically pleasing photos. And I like that. BUT instagram is a tool and this year I will use it as such. I would like to spend less time scrolling aimlessly, but more time using it as a tool to display my work and network accordingly. This means, like twitter I will need to be intentional about who I’m following and how I’m interacting with those I follow. The intention is to build community and learn from those who are better at it from me. (Insta: Nicole__Eva)

Side Note: Something I’ve noticed that makes being a blogger different in the world of social media vs a photographer, YouTuber or videographer is that your art requires reading…which for some people eliminates you from being interesting right off of the bat. Not because they’re not interested…but simply because they’re not readers. At first I used to allow my feelings to get hurt when people I was close to didn’t read my blog (you know…link clicks and comments and shares do a lot for engagement) but I realized over time that some people just can’t do blogs…thats it.


So. I think I like YouTube…I think. I’m unsure because I have fun shooting and editing…but then leaving my face up for the rest of the world KINDA (and by kinda I mean MAJORLY) makes me uncomfortable. But I like it for 2 reasons. I get to reach those non readers, and it’s another expression of art for me. A very visual one. I’ve got plans to use that more this year too. I’ve got On the Blog posts lined up (where I highlight something I’ve written about and talk about it in depth), regular vlogging, behind the scenes and a travel vlog all ready to go for 2020. Its gonna be a crazy uncomfortable and growth year on YouTube…I hope you guys come along for the ride. (YouTube)


Okay guys. Don’t judge me. 1st of all. TikTok is funny. I laugh so hard at all the nonsense on there. People are creative geniuses with the things they can do with subpar editing software and a cellphone. 2nd, once you figure out HOW to really use it (still learning, just started) it can be an incredible tool for visibility. It’s really great marketing practice. You have to look at the current trends, look at what’s popular, look at the demographic, figure out how to place your specific niche delicately in the midst of what’s popular to get traffic to your product. It’s like a brain teaser for me. Plus it forces me out of this over dignified I have to present myself in a certain way mindset. Have some fun guys! (TikTok: Nicole__Eva)


Okay. So facebook is my least favorite. Mainly because facebook as a whole is just blah…to me. BUT creatives have still deemed it necessary for exposure so here we are. I have a facebook page for my me. My brand which is me. I post on it sometimes. Get engagement. And thats about it. I’d like to post on it more often…mainly because it really does help….I just…UGH hate facebook lol. Im also joining groups for bloggers and YouTubers. So I’ll be doing A LOT more engaging on that front…pray for me. (Facebook: @Nicoleevablog) ((working on getting that changed eventually))


Lol. No. That was a joke. I’m sure snapchat can be good for something….but not for me. (no link because…no)


So. This one is new for me. Not new to me as I’ve had my resume and such on LinkedIn since 2010, but new for me as something I can use to gain exposure of my craft. I learned about this this week actually. I’m still exploring it but I’ll let you know if it ends up being successful. (I’ll add a link once deemed successful lol)


Ahhh, I should have started with this one. I LOVE PINTEREST. It’s genius. No I haven’t mastered it, but I love it and when I’m paying attention and being strategic I can get a lot of traffic by simply posting a nice photo. I love the ability to organize, sort and collect. Ugh. Pinterest is great. I’m already using it to the max of my ability but it still needed a shout out. (Pinterest)

The socials can all be useful when used with intention. My goal with them is that they become less of a thing I use to consume and waste my time (because let’s face it…we can definitely end up trapped in the black hole of any of these medias), but that they end up being useful tools to assist with the creation of art and the exposure of such art. My hope is that with the increased usage, I will still be able to maintain my boundaries and not dive bomb into the stress that it can cause. I’m looking forward to posting an update about this in a few months and seeing where I’m at. As a creator (writer, photographer, vlogger or whatever you may be, social media can be an incredibly useful tool for you to show the world what you’re all about. You don’t need to get into everything that’s out there, find what works for you and make that your thing. I’m sure that as time goes on I’m going to favor a few over the others and maybe minimize my media outlets, but for now, this is what I’m trying out.

If you clicked on the links above and followed me, let me know below and I’ll be sure to follow you back!

Until then ✌


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  1. jentowkaniuk says

    It is so hard to decide what social media to focus on, especially when I can get sucked into one for hours and get nothing done! I love your commitment and you’re right – when used with intention and a schedule they are so amazing for visibility to your blog, which is beautiful and deserves to be seen!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much for reading!

      I feel you on the getting sucked in for hours part…that’s the trap I’m trying to avoid lol.

      Love that you can feel where I’m coming from!!

      And thanks again! 😭❤️✨


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