6 Coffee Shop Alternatives for Bloggers

Where do you do your creative work? For me, location is crucial to my ability to focus on what I’m doing. When you don’t have a studio to work in you have to be extra creative with finding alternative work spaces that are quiet enough to keep you focused but engaging enough to keep you awake. Currently myself and the rest of New Englanders are experiencing winter so we’re a little limited in the changing up our environments area. As much as I love the environment of a cozy little coffee shop in the winter especially for doing work, I’ve discovered that my brain could use some other options in addition to my current study spot. I thought it would be fun to list some of the coffee shop alternatives I’ve used over the years, so if you’re looking for a something different from the coffee shop workspace keep reading!

Coffee shop alternatives for bloggers


Libraries are one of my absolute favorite places to sit and write. I think the thing I love most about them is how all of them are different. Depending on where you go you could end up in an ultrachic high-tech modernized space, or you could end up in an 18th century-esque historic building with turrets, arrowslit windows, and little hidden study nooks. There’s something about a library that makes me feel like I need to work and motivates me to do so more efficiently. (geek moment: for all my simmers out there its kind of like the power study moodlet when you let your sims study or do homework in the library) My favorite part about working in a library? It’s Free!

Art Museums

I’ve only done this once, but I’m dying to plan my time accordingly to do it again because I loved it. Most art museums have coffee shops if you’re not comfortable plopping down in the middle of an exhibit and working. Being surrounded by art while creating really does something for the creative juices. Make sure to actually enjoy the museum when you’re done too since you probably paid to get in.

Botanical Gardens

Missing the greenery of summer, the exciting sounds of spring and falling victim to the winter blues? Check out your local botanical garden, I don’t know about all of them, but the one close to me is open year round. That could be the perfect remedy to your winter woes; surrounded by the heat generated by the green houses, flowers everywhere, fish, birds and so much else to transport you to happier times. I love to wander around those spaces deep in thought before I start writing or even when I get stuck while writing.

Hotel Lobbies

Depending on where you live, you may have access to hotels. I’m right next to Providence, Rhode Island so I have access to the city and quite a few large trendy hotels. These hotels come equipped with big beautiful lobbies and access to free wifi (most of the time). I also tend to gain inspiration from well designed spaces, so planting myself in a luxurious couch near a grand fireplace or in the quaint hotel cafe near a decorated, snow frosted window sounds like absolute heaven to me.

Coffee shop alternatives for bloggers

Co-Working Spaces

Disclaimer: I’m yet to try out a co working space.

I’ve heard about them though so I thought I’d throw it in here. Ideally, they’re a space where people who work remotely, can come together and share resources (wifi and a quite workspace) together. But that’s all I know about them. If any of you have ventured into a co working space tell me about it, I’m actually quite curious!


Okay, so I couldn’t ignore this one. Although I love all of these places I listed above, sometimes I’d rather just curl up with MY blankets in MY couch with MY dog and MY cup of tea and get to writing. Occasionally, the process of showering and preparing to leave my house completely derails my desire to write…so if I’m in a space where I’m focused enough to stay in my cozy space and get some quality work done then home may just be the best option for me at the time.

Where do you do work during the winter time? Are you a coffee shop loyalist or are you more of a wherever works for the day kind of person? Wherever you are and whatever your space of preference is for creating, I wish you the best, most creative winter season yet!

‘Til Next time,

Nicole Eva