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I haven’t been writing a lot.

Actually I haven’t been creating much in general. I’ve been slowly traveling through a pretty discouraging season of my life where only real solution that I’ve found has been to slow down and take things one day at a time. For me that looks like looking at everything I’ve placed on my personal calendar (blog posts, social media posts, social events and so on) and reducing the load. Sometimes it’s hard for me to listen to my body and actually do those things BUT since vacation I’ve gotten very, very good at that.

Even tho it may take me a little while to do, I am working on some things that I find to be exciting. I’m working on them slowly so that I can actually enjoy the process instead of rushing through it simply to put it out. Because, the truth is I need to be the one who enjoys my art the most. The capturing and creating and production. I’m not the type of person who can ONLY create for someone else’s consumption…I need to get joy out of the work of my hands too.

First thing I’m working on is a Barbados vlog. I’m pumped about this one. This will showcase my trip, the things I did and hopefully capture the beauty and love that exists within my family.

Second thing I’m working on is a vlog series hopefully to be joined with friends where we get to talk about things that we feel are important to talk about. That one is still being developed in my brain tho.

Lastly I’ve got a lot of blog posts brewing, but I simply haven’t written or completed them yet 🙂

Learning to be patient with myself has been pretty freeing. I enjoy this new pace of self grace. Especially the way it’s so oddly juxtaposed right in prime holiday season. Isn’t life funny.

That’s for popping in for my update. I’ll see ya!

-Nicole Eva

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Hi! I’m Nicole Eva, Journal Enthusiast, Healthy Habit Builder, and Advocate of all things Rest and Wellness. My job—to introduce you to YOU; The healthy, beautiful, authentic you. The you that sometimes gets lost in both the mundane and chaos of our world. I do this by sharing tips, stories, videos, guides, and more. I’ll challenge you, encourage you, and celebrate you all the way through your discovery of YOU. Currently, I’m studying to gain my certification in Holistic Nutrition and Health and Wellness Coaching and I’ll be sharing the cool things I’m learning with you along the way! Big fan of tea, cozy things, and well-designed spaces, so we’ll definitely talk about that too. Looking forward to getting to know you!


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