A letter to myself.

I write these to myself all of the time. Sometimes to encourage. Sometimes to vent. I don’t share them…ever. But I figured I’d share this one with you guys…

Do you know how strong you are? Yes, you.

You’ve overcome obstacles. Stood strong in the face of adversity. Endured heart breaks and disappointments a few too many times.

You’ve lost friendships and found the strength to build new ones.

You’ve been accused. Mocked. ridiculed. Your reputations been on trial…and won.

You’ve forgiven yourself even when believing you were undeserving of such forgiveness. You’ve accepted the forgiveness of others. That’s hard.

You’ve verbalized your emotions and opinions. You’ve demanded respect after rightfully earning it.
And you’ve respected yourself even when receiving none from others.

You’ve questioned your worth…then determined it. You Learned to to be the one who validates yourself.

You got yourself into trouble, and out of it too.
You’ve used your experiences and trials for good and not for pity.

You’ve grown.
You’ve grown a lot.

Do you know how strong you are? Yes, you.