So. I’ve Started Reading Again…


Do you know how long it has been since I’ve read a book for fun? A long time. I’ve been reading, but not for enjoyment. I’ve been reading to learn. I’ve been reading books that help me be better at my job. Books that help me to be a better boss. Books that help me to be a better leader. I’ve been reading books that break down different sections of the bible and help me to gain deeper understanding of things. I’ve been reading books that relate to sociology and understanding the way things function around me. But I call that less reading and more so research.

I was pretty sure college ruined pleasure reading for me. But I’m happy to say that last week I picked up a book that I started reading a few years ago that a friend let me borrow, then keep and I finally sat down again and started reading it from the beginning. So far it’s lovely. I connect with the character because not only does she seem like such a cute person but oh my goodness is the the most awkward human and like….same. Also, (This will tell you how long its been) this is the first time that I’m reading a book that has a lot of its content referencing social media, much like our everyday lives. It gave me that same shock factor that I had the first time I watched Arthur and his sister, D.W. (Dora Winnifred Read, but D.W for short…throw back to the books) pull out an iPhone in one of the episodes. I was shooketh. All in all it’s quite an interesting read so far and I love the fact that I’m able to empty my brain and fill it momentarily with some relatable nonsense.

….relatable nonsense. I like that phrasing. (Searched the internet to see if anyone else had discovered the poetic essence of placing those two words side by side and of course, because the world is filled with beautifully minded people it is already a brand (multiple brands) of some sort)

The book i’m currently reading is called “My (not so) Perfect Life” by, Sophie Kinsella. It’s pretty brilliant so far. I can’t wait to finish it. I’m trying to go slow so that I can enjoy it longer. It helps that I’m so busy. Hopefully I can make it last until I go to Barbados next month. Oh, right, I’m going to Barbados next month. Well, that’s the plan right now at the moment. We’ll talk about that another time. If I happen to finish it before then, then I may just take to the world of instagram stories to see what the rest of you recommend for my next relatable nonsense adventure. (That was a very non subtle plug for you guys to stay up to date with my day to day, very non spectacular existence on instagram… Nicole__Eva (2 underscores)). If you’re following me from my blog specifically, please let me know. I’d love to be insta friends. Super lame but there it is.

Anyway, that’s enough rambling for one day. I’ll talk to you all later.
See ya round,