Let’s call this one: How’s your art going?

Me: “I should write.”

Me: “No, I really don’t want to.”

Me: “Okay, but you should.”

Me: “I’ve literally got nothing to write about.”

Me: “Not true, you just had the most incredible adventure, just did something super exciting for the first time and you’ve had so many thoughts recently (just check the notes app in your phone)…you’ve got plenty of content to pull from…”

Me: “Okay, you’re right.”

-A conversation with myself that I had three seconds before pulling out my laptop.


Creatives. Why do we do this?

I’ve been pondering it for quite a while. Actually for the entire what, month, that I have not been writing. I’ve literally had nights where I sit in my bed before falling asleep and ask myself why I’m not writing right now, think about writing and instead turn the lights off and go to bed. It’s actually so annoying.

I had a conversation with a friend of mine recently, another creative. One who writes music and designs things that are pretty incredible. He asked me “Hey, hows writing and the blog and all of that going?”

(sidebar: I love when people genuinely ask me how things are going with my creative adventures. Especially when they are other creatives. Why? Well because a) other creatives actually care and b) other creatives actually understand when you say that you’re stuck and tired but not tired of your art just tired of being tired of not making the art.)

Anyway. I answered him and told him that it would be going great except that I haven’t written anything in about a month and he nodded thoughtfully. I added that I had been jotting down ideas in my phone though so I feel like eventually when I do write again that it’ll all come out at once and he encouraged me by saying that he too has done something like that. He too has gotten frustrated at his lack of motivation to produce and all of a sudden he created a few songs with the energy birthed from his frustration. Weird huh? Because that’s literally what I’m doing right now. And it’s working. I’m writing this…this kind of awry post talking about not writing, while I’m….writing. But it’s helping the creative juices to flow and I’m okay with that…hopefully you guys are too.

In the spirit of raw creativity, I’m going to try to steer further away from super polished posts and talk more like a human….more like Nicole. Nicole has a tendency to chop up her sentences in a way that makes sense, but not without first confusing people…mainly her boyfriend. Nicole also has a tendency to go from choppy scattered train of thought to excessively flowery prose. Whatever chooses to present itself will present itself. I believe that half of the reason I trip up on writing is because I try too hard to sculpt it into something someone would want to read…and with that effort I lose…well, me. I do that enough in my day to day….I refuse to do it here too.

Yay for actually getting it done. I’m proud of myself friends. I’ve missed the ability to just come to my keyboard and write off of the top of my head. Planning is nice, but sometimes unplanned and spontaneous little rants are nicer.

To the rest of you guys, writers, painters, sculptors, videographers, photographers, designers and the rest of you I haven’t mentioned and yea, even the dreamers. Are you guys doing okay? Hows your art going?

Till next time,


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