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Adam and Katie: A Rainy Day Engagement

Imagine this: You’ve booked a photoshoot. Maybe you’re recently engaged and want a photographer to capture some intimate photos of you and your fiancé. Maybe you’re having a small wedding and want a few timeless photos to remember the day. Maybe you’re an entrepreneur in need of social media content. Whatever the case is, you’ve scheduled a photoshoot and booked a photographer. A few days before, you check your weather app and uh-oh. Storm clouds and rain. All. Day. You’re nervous but hopeful that the less than desirable weather could blow over and that you could still be gifted clear skies. Well, it doesn’t clear up and todays the day and the weather is wet, cold and windy. Obviously, you should just cancel your shoot and try another day…right?

A few years ago I may have had the same perspective, but something I have learned over the past year of perfecting my craft, is the best photos tend to come out of those days when you say, “You know what, let’s just do it.”

This couple, Adam and Katie, did just that. They didn’t allow overcast skies or rain to ruin the plans they had set for the day. They went for it and I am so glad they did.

Adam & Katie

When Adam and Katie arrived, Katie had no idea of the true intentions of the day. She was on vacation, and Adam suggested they take photos. Katie is originally from Washington and not an east coast native, so it just made sense. The rain, although aggressive at first did eventually break. In my opinion, the wet pavement of the New Bedford boardwalk and stormy skies made this photo perfect.

I took Katie aside to get some solo shots of her while Kevin (the other photographer in this shoot, who is also my boyfriend) discussed the details of the proposal with Adam.

After a few beautiful photos of the ring hidden behind Katies back, it was time. Adam pulled his hands from behind Katies back to reveal the ring and got down on his knee. Katie was surprised, in shock, confused and overjoyed all at the same time.

She said yes. Of course.

Katie and Adam were such a joy to shoot with. I love when couples showcase their personalities for the camera. It’s not always easy to be yourself with two cameras pointing at you, but these two made it look like a piece of cake.

Congrats Adam and Katie on your engagement! Thanks for reaching out and letting Kevin and I be a part of your day.

If you want to see more of Katie and Adam’s Rainy Day Engagement shoot, stop by my photography page before you leave (click here)! Photos taken by Kevin will be on his page, check it out here.


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