Podcasts: Why I’m Learning to Love ‘Em (does that make me old?)

The conversation around podcasts have transformed a lot over the past few years.

I remember the first time I really became aware of the fact that they were an actual thing and that people actually listened to them. My initial thoughts were that they were the same as talk radio and that they were for the old and boring.

I was wrong.

Fast forward a few years and now, the time that I would spend with music playing as a background track to my driving/cleaning/napping/cooking or whatever else, is now filled with a library of information, personalities and knowledge. Thanks to podcasts.

My life is busy (whose isn’t?). I’m now in my late 20s and I’m doing the most I can to make sure my next phase of life has a good foundation. That means working, networking, marketing, investing time into people and friendships, staying on top of my fitness, and everything else. Sometimes that wheel of tasks and duties can get a little (or a lot) bit overwhelming. Especially when I realize that I’ve neglected something that’s always been so important to me. Leaning.

I’ve always desired to be a life long learner. If school was free (and if I had the time) I would constantly be enrolled in some course. I love to learn. But, gone are the days where I would spend hours diving into books that taught me new skills and gave me a new mindset. I used to spend summers tucked away devouring book after book about people from all over the world, with lives not much different than mine. They would overcome obstacles and triumph over adversity and I would be so inspired and charged up. Ready to take on the world.

The desire for those moments of inspiration still exists, and thankfully I’ve been able to gain the same amount inspiration & knowledge just in a different form.

When I first entered the world of the podcast I was quite overwhelmed. So many topics. So many people. So much information. Only so much space on my iPhone. But I went for it and I’m glad I did. Does it make me feel old? Yes, but in an older and wiser kind of way. When teens get into my car do I switch to modern pop so they don’t roast me? Yes. 100% yes. But do I dip into the knowledge and take the lessons that others have learned in their lives on as my own and work with it? Yes. And that’s my favorite part.

If you’re thinking about getting into podcasts my advice is just do it. Find some you like and go for it. Weed through the boring ones and find ones that bring you joy. There are podcasts for everyone! Pick one. My favorites are anything that talks about this stage of life (early adulthood), young entrepreneurship and finances. Most of them aren’t what I’d consider “fun” but they give me the kick in the butt I live for at this time of my life. My favorite one right now with a good balance of kick in the butt and entertainment is The Glow Up Podcast (click the link to go to their facebook page).

Are you into podcasts? Share your faves below! I’d love to know what you’re listening to! If you’re not into them (or you’re just not into them yet) tell me about it!

Thanks for stopping by! Talk to you later!


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