So…People had a lot to say about my mental health post.

To say I was anything but surprised on the amount of feedback I got from my latest post would be lying.

People loved it. It’s crazy because I was so hesitant to talk about this topic for many reasons, but I’m glad I did.

There’s something about the human condition that uses the struggles that we all face to connect us. It gives us a community of people who relate to the fact that we all have something we’re going through. We’re all warriors earning our badges throughout this life and when we realize that we can shift the focus from ourselves and instead support each other. I think that’s pretty amazing.

I made a video addressing the feedback I received. It’s on YouTube and you can find it by clicking here. I have a bunch of other videos on YouTube as well, but this is definitely one I’m proud of simply due to the amount of effort it took for a quick “thanks for loving on me” post.

I’m also pretty proud of this thing I’ve created for my Instagram story. And it might be just a little over the top and a bit similar to a kid showing off their macaroni art to share it with you here but as far as I’m concerned this type of “look what I did” energy is allowed in a casual blog setting…right?

I’m a new creative. So I get excited. Anyway check it out below. The purpose of it was to let my followers know that something new is going down on my channel and that they should take a look.

“On The Blog” is a new series I’ll be launching on my channel. This segment will be exclusive to diving deeper into things I’ve written. Sometimes it’ll be just me talking and other times it’ll be a collection of women who I’ve gathered together to chat about whatever it is.

I’m excited for it. I hope you are too!

Click the link and tell me what you think!

Thanks for reading & watching! See ya next time.

Nicole Eva

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