So. I bought a camera…

Towards the end 2018 I went out on a limb and bought myself a DSLR. Since then I’ve been teaching myself a little here and there about photography and videography. I’ve posted about my videography a little bit but I hesitate to share my photos, mainly because I’m not the most confident with them right now. It also doesn’t help that I am constantly surrounded by creatives. Constantly. But, I’m changing this. I’m hoping to be able to use my camera to help me do what I love, blog and storytell through photos and videos.

I am shooting with a Cannon T7i, and currently use my kit 18-55mm lens. At the moment it takes a lot of extra effort to not compare my style and skillset to those around me, but once I get there, I find myself really enjoying what I’m learning. I’m a recovering perfectionist, so starting new projects and learning new skills really stresses me out since I strive to be beyond excellent in everything I do almost immediately. BUT, that just makes this process even more enriching.

I’ve been using instagram a lot lately to help me stay accountable to actually taking photos, editing them and posting them. Planning and sticking to a grid theme has made coming up with shoot ideas easier and actually quite fun. I recently discovered the Preview app; an app that helps you to pre-plan your instagram grid before posting anything publicly. That may seem like a force to some, but the reason why I find this app to be useful is the way I get to test out color schemes, layout patterns, editing styles and the way I get to brainstorm different types of photos in their ‘free photos’ section. I get to analyze what looks good and what doesn’t, and what fits my style and what tests my creativity and as a new photographer I use it as a guide.

So, with that you can look forward to seeing a lot more of my photography here! Here’s to new things in 2019! I’m excited, hopefully you are too!

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